14th High School in Wrocław

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14th High School in Wrocław
XIV Liceum Ogólnokształcące we Wrocławiu
14th High School in Wrocław is located in Poland
14th High School in Wrocław
14th High School in Wrocław
al. Brücknera 10
Wrocław, 51-410
Coordinates 51°04′N 17°01′E / 51.06°N 17.01°E / 51.06; 17.01Coordinates: 51°04′N 17°01′E / 51.06°N 17.01°E / 51.06; 17.01
School type High School
Founded 1974
Headmaster Marek Łaźniak
Language Polish, English

The 14th High School in Wrocław (XIV Liceum Ogólnokształcące we Wrocławiu) - a public high school in Wrocław, Poland, part of the 14th School Complex, that also incorporates the 49th Bilingual Junior High School. The school for many years has been placed in top spots of various Polish rankings assessing pupils achievements. [1]


The school was established in 1974, as a result of a division in the 3rd High School in Wrocław. It was first situated by the Szczytnicka street, and its first headmaster was Aleksander Dobrzycki. At first, classes were taught just in a math-physics curriculum, but in 1977, a chemical class was introduced. In 1990, a theatrical class came as well, but it ceased to operate in 2000. In the same year, a humanistic class was set. Before that, in 1992, a bilingual class was created. In 1983, the school became part of the Creative Schools Society. In 2000, the 49th Bilingual Junior High School was created, too.

In 2002, the location of the school changed to the Bruckner street. The 14th School Complex was established that incorporated the said high school and junior high, as well as a technical school and a profiled high school (the two latter ended its existence in 2004). In 2005, after 30 years of command, Aleksander Dobrzycki left the school and Marek Łaźniak took his place.

Since the school year 2006-07, there are four university classes: mathematics, computer science, chemistry and humanities. Some activities are being conducted in forms of lectures by professors of the University of Wrocław.

Since 2007 Agnieszka Smarzewska has been conducting an English/drama project "The Classic Literature Days". Students of the 14th High School and the 49th Bilingual Junior High School participate in it with great enthusiasm. It features artists of the Polish theatre . It is steadily becoming more and more popular which each passing year.

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