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The 14th Samoan Parliament is a term of the Parliament of Samoa. It served from 2006 to 2011, and its composition was determined by the 2006 elections.

The 14th Parliament consists of 49 representatives, elected from six two-seat and 35 single-seat territorial constituencies, and two non-territorial constituencies.

As of May 2009, there were four woman MPs, but one, Fuimaono Na'oia Te'i, was expelled by the Speaker at the end of May, due to changing her party membership.[1]

The parliamentary session was officially opened by the O le Ao o le Malo, Malietoa Tanumafili II, on 30 May 2006.[2]

Initial Party standings[edit]

From EventPolynesia

Party Leader(s) Seats at start
Human Rights Protection Party Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi 32
Samoan Democratic United Party Le Mamea Ropati, then Asiata Sale’imoa Va’ai 10
Independents 7


Initial MPs[edit]

Name Party Electorate Term
A'eau Peniamina SDUP Falealupo Fourth
Aiono Tile Gafa HRPP A'ana Alofi No. 1 Second
Anauli Pofitu Fesili HRPP Vaimauga West First
Asiata Sale’imoa Va’ai SDUP Satupa'itea Second
Faumuina Tiatia Liuga HRPP Palauli-Le-Falefa Second
Fiame Naomi HRPP Lotofaga Sixth
Fonotoe Pierre Lauofo HRPP Anoama'a West Second
Fuimaono Naoia Tei SDUP Falealili First
Galuvao Viliamu Sepulona Independent Gagaemauga No. 3 First
Gatoloaifaana Amataga Alesana-Gidlow HRPP Fa'asalele'aga No. 1 First
Hans Joachim Keil HRPP Individual Fifth
Laauli Leuatea Polataivao HRPP Gagaifomauga No. 3 First
Lafaitele Patrick Leiataualesa HRPP Alataua West First
Le Mamea Ropati SDUP Lefaga & Falese'ela Seventh
Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi Independent Faleata West First
Leao Talalelei Tuitama HRPP Va'a-O-Fonoti Third
Niko Lee Hang HRPP Individual Second
Levaopolo Talatonu Va’ai SDUP Gagaemauga No. 2 First
Manuleleua Lalagofaatasi Falaniko Leleua HRPP Faleata East First
Misa Telefoni HRPP Falelatai & Samatau Fifth
Moefaauo Lufilufi HRPP Anoama'a East Second
Motuopuaa Uifagasa Aisoli Independent Vaisigano No. 2 First
Muagututagata Peter Ah Him Independent Sagaga-Le-Usoga Second
Mulipola Oliva SDUP Aiga-I-Le-tai First
Mulitalo Sealiimalietoa Siafausa Vui HRPP Fa'asalele'aga No. 4 Second
Paepae Kapeli Su’a SDUP Aleipata Itupa-I-Lalo First
Palusalue Fa’apo II HRPP Safata Third
Pa’u Sefo Pa’u HRPP Fa'asalele'aga No. 2 Second
Safuneitu'uga Pa'aga Neri HRPP Gagaifomauga No. 2 Third
Sala Fata Pinati HRPP Gagaemauga No. 1 First
Sililoto Tolo Tua'ifaiva SDUP Vaimauga West Second
Solamalemalo Keneti Sio Independent Sagaga-Le-Falefa First
Tapuai Sepulona Moamanu HRPP Salega First
Taua Falaimo SDUP Palauli West First
Taua Kitiona Seuala HRPP Aleipata-Itupa-I-luga Third
Tiata Pulufana Saunoa HRPP Fa'asalele'aga No. 1 Second
Toleafoa Apulu Fa'afisi HRPP A'ana Alofi No. 1 Fourth
Tolofuaivalelei Falemoe Lei’ataua HRPP A'ana Alofi No. 2 Third
Toluono Feti Independent Palauli First
Toomata Alapati Toomata HRPP Salega Third
Tuia Pua Fuatogi Letoa SDUP Safata First
Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi HRPP Lepa Eighth
Tuilo'a Anitelea HRPP Gagaifomauga No. 1 First
Tuiloma Lameko HRPP Falealili Sixth
Tuisugaletaua Sofara Aveau HRPP Vaimauga East Second
Tuu'u Anasi'i Leota HRPP Si'umu Third
Unasa Mesi Galo HRPP Fa'asalele'aga No. 3 Third
Va'ai Papu Vailupe Independent Vaisigano No.1 Third
Vaeolenofoafia Tapasu HRPP A'ana Alofi No. 3 First

New members[edit]

Name Party Electorate Term
Letoa Rita Pau HRPP Fa'asalele'aga No. 2 First
Muagututi’ a Siaosi Meredith HRPP Aleipata Itupa-I-Lalo First
Papalii Samuelu Petaia HRPP Fa'asalele'aga No. 2 First
Patau'ave Etuale HRPP Faleata East Second
Patu Ativalu HRPP Vaimauga West Second
Vui Tupe Ioane HRPP Fa'asalele'aga No. 4 First
Ale Vena Ale HRPP Faleata West Second?

Summary of changes[edit]

  • On 6 April 2006, three independent MPs, Solamalemalo Keneti Sio, Muagututagata Peter Ah Him, and Lafaitele Patrick Leiataualesa joined the HRPP, increasing its seat count to 35 seats.[3]
  • Pa’u Sefo Pa’u's election in the Fa'asalele'aga No. 2 seat was overturned by a court petition on 2 August 2006. Rita Pa’u Letoa was elected in a by-election for the seat on 25 September 2006.
  • Mulitalo Sealiimalietoa Siafausa Vui's election was overturned by a court petition on 16 August 2006. The subsequent by-election for the Fa'asalele'aga No. 4 was won by Vui Tupe Ioane on 11 October 2006.
  • Paepae Kapeli Sua's election was overturned by a court petition on 16 August 2006. The subsequent by-election was won by Muagututia Siaosi S Meredith on 11 October 2006.
  • On 15 November 2006, following the departure of former leader Le Mamea Ropati and senior MP Sililoto Tolo Tuaifaiva, the Samoan Democratic United Party fell below the eight MPs required to be recognised as a party, and all its members have subsequently been treated as independents.
  • Rita Pa’u Letoa's election was overturned by a court petition on 14 December 2006. The subsequent by-election was won by Papalii Samuelu Petaia on 2 February 2007.
  • Manuleleua Lalagofaatasi Falaniko Leleua died on 14 February 2007. The resulting by-election was won by Patauave Etuale on 23 April 2007.
  • Sililoto Tolo Tua'ifaiva died on 9 March 2007. The subsequent by-election for the Vaimauga West seat was won by Patu Ativalu on 8 May 2007.
  • On 14 March 2008, Muagututi’ a Siaosi Meredith and Palusalue Fa’apo II resigned from the HRPP and became independent MPs.[4]
  • On 27 April 2008, twelve independent MPs including most of the former members of the Samoan Democratic United Party and two former members of the Human Rights Protection Party announced the formation of a new political party.[5] Despite having sufficient MPs, the new party would not be recognised in the House.[6] The party became the Tautua Samoa Party, ultimately with nine Members in Parliament. In May 2009, Speaker Tolofuaivalelei Falemoe Lei'ataua revoked the parliamentary membership of all nine of the party's MPs, on the grounds that joining a part after being elected "breached the provisions of the Electoral Act and the parliament standing orders". Their expulsion from Parliament would prompt by-elections. Party chairman Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi stated that he would seek an interim injunction against the Speaker's ruling.[1][7]
  • On 18 March 2010, Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi, Palusalue Fa’apo II and Va'ai Papu Vailupe refused to deny they supported the Tautua Samoa Party, and as a result were deemed to have resigned their seats and new anti-party-hopping laws.[8] By-elections for the three seats were held on 14 May 2010, resulting in Fa’apo and Vailupe being re-elected. Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi lost his seat to HRPP candidate Ale Vena Ale.
  • On 2 September 2010 Satupa'itea MP Asiata Sale'imoa Va'ai died.

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