14th legislature of the French Fifth Republic

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The 14th legislature of the French Fifth Republic is the parliament elected in the French legislative election, 2012.

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The executive branch[edit]

Composition of the National Assembly[edit]

155 women were elected or reelected and make up 26.86% of French MPs:

125 women MPs from left-wing parties. 29 women MPs from right-wing parties. 1 women MP from the Front National party.

The oldest member of the National Assembly is François Scellier, from the Radical Party, linked to the larger UMP conservative grouping. He represents the 6th Constituency of Val d'Oise and was 76 years old at the beginning of the current parliamentary term.

The youngest member of the National Assembly is Marion Maréchal-Le Pen from the Front National, the MP for the 3rd Constituency of Vaucluse. She was 22 years old at the beginning of the current parliamentary term and was actually the youngest ever MP elected under the French Fifth Republic.

Changes in membership of the National Assembly[edit]

Separation of powers in France means that if an MP is appointed to government, he or she has one month to decide whether to remain in government or to remain as an MP. If they choose to remain in government, they are replaced by a suppléant. Under French electoral procedure, voters elect both an MP and a suppléant to replace the MP upon appointment to government. French law states that the President must name the suppléant to the National Assembly if the minister wishes to remain in government.

Parliamentary Groups[edit]

Parliamentary Groups of the French National Assembly
Group Number of deputies as of 9 June 2013 + deputies from linked parties Group President
Democratic and Republican Left 15 André Chassaigne
Socialist, Radical, Citizen and Miscellaneous Left 275+17 Bruno Le Roux
Radical, Republican, Democratic, Progressive 16 Roger-Gérard Schwartzenberg
Ecologist Group 17 François de Rugy
Union of Democrats and Independents 31 Jean-Louis Borloo
Union for a Popular Majority Group 187+10 Christian Jacob
Deputies not belonging to a group 8 n/a

Chairmen of committees of the National Assembly[edit]

Committee Chairman Groupe
Education and Cultural Affairs Committee Patrick Bloche SRC
Economic Affairs Committee François Brottes SRC
Foreign Affairs Committee Élisabeth Guigou SRC
Social Affairs Committee Catherine Lemorton SRC
National Defence and Armed Forces Committee Patricia Adam SRC
Sustainable Development and Local Government Committee Jean-Paul Chanteguet SRC
Finance, General Economy and Budget Committee Gilles Carrez UMP
Constitutional Law, Legislation and General Administration Committee Jean-Jacques Urvoas SRC