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List of years in science (table)

The year 1500 AD in science and technology included many events, some of which are listed here.




  • approx. dateJohannes Trithemius of Spanheim writes Steganographia ("hidden writing"). Copies of the manuscript circulate for a hundred years.

Earth science[edit]

  • Leonardo da Vinci, finding many fossils in canal building sites, proposes that fossil shells of marine animals are found on mountains because Earth undergoes transformations that cause areas once submerged to become exposed.




  • Hieronymus Brunschwygk's Liber de arte distillandi de simplicibus, known as the "Small Book (of Distillation)", describes medicinal herbs and the construction of stills for processing them.[2][3] He will publish his "Big Book", dealing with the same subjects, in 1512.


  • Leonardo da Vinci draws a wheel-lock musket, the first known appearance of this type of ignition, in which a spring mechanism causes a ratchet to strike sparks from iron and pyrites or flint. It will come into use, replacing match ignition, about 15 years later. By this date, he has also designed the first helicopter (although it is probably unworkable).[4]
  • Rifling in gun barrels is introduced: grooves are cut in spirals into the interior of the barrels, imparting a stabilizing spin to the projectile.[citation needed]
  • Defence of Pisa demonstrates the effectiveness of the trace italienne form of fortification.
  • Ottaviano Petrucci (Ottavio de'Petrucci) prints music with movable type in Venice.[2]




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