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Works published[edit]

  • William Dunbar, The Tua Maritt Wemen and the Wedo, publication year uncertain; also contains the author's "Lament for the Makaris", "Kynd Kittok", and "The Testament of Mr. Andro. Kennedy"; Great Britain[1]
  • The Jousts of May and June, anonymously published, publication year uncertain; Great Britain[2]
  • Jean Lemaire de Belges, Les Chansons de Namur, written in support of a popular revolt;[3] Belgian Waloon poet writing in French
  • Guntherus Ligurinis, Ligurinus sive de gestis Frederici I libri X, a description of the battles Frederick Barbarossa fought with Milan whom the poet calls "Ligures", written by a 12th-century poet, found in a monastery by C. Celtis, who gave it to K. Peutinger, published by Chunrades Peutinger; republished in 1531 by J. Spiegel in Strasbourg, and in 1561 by Otto von Freising in Basel, Switzerland[4]
  • Baptista Mantuanus, an Italian, Latin-language poet:
    • Parthenese, one of seven poems the author wrote with the same name, this one on St. Caecilia; Milan[5]
    • Mantuan Georgius, a poem on St. George, Milan[5]
    • Obiurgatio cum exortatione ad capienda arma contra infideles ad Potentatos Christianos, Milan[5]
  • Jean Marot, Le Voyage de Gênes[6]


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