150 High Street, Stratford

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158 High Street, Stratford

158 High Street, Stratford is a 42-storey 135 m (443 ft) high residential tower in Stratford, London, completed in 2013, and also known as the Stratford Halo. As of 2014, it is the 23rd tallest structure in London.

In 2014, The Guardian included it in their list of "Horror storeys: the 10 worst London skyscrapers",[1] it was listed along with other iconic buildings such as 20 Fenchurch Street (also known as "The Walkie Talkie") and the Vauxhall Tower.

It is mostly known as "The Sidemen Tower" in the YouTube community, due to the fact that several of the Sidemen (and non-Sidemen youtubers) live in the tower, such as Behzinga, Wroetoshaw and Tobjizzle, and fellow YouTubers, Calfreezy, Callux, TheBurntChip and JMX, who have all collabed with the Sidemen. KSI used to live in the penthouse at the top of the tower, but left after a year due to the letting agency showing people around the penthouse, which he disapproved of.

Sometime in October 2016, YouTubing Free-runner, Nightscape (known for scaling the neighbouring Olympic Park) scaled the tower and ended up getting arrested by the Metropolitan Police for trespassing after being reported by a member of the public.

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Coordinates: 51°32′05″N 0°00′23″W / 51.5348°N 0.0065°W / 51.5348; -0.0065