150th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment

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150th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Flag of New York (1778–1901).svg
Active October 10, 1862, to June 8, 1865
Country United States of America
Allegiance  United States Army
Branch Infantry
Type Regiment
Size 1,526 men (total)[1]
Part of VIII Corps
XII Corps
XX Corps
Nickname(s) Dutchess County Regiment

Battle of Gettysburg
Atlanta Campaign

March to the sea
Carolinas Campaign

Col. John H. Ketcham
Col. Alfed B. Smith

The 150th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment in the Union Army during the American Civil War. It was mustered in October 10, 1862, and mustered out June 8, 1865.[2]

Recruiting areas[edit]

Field officers[edit]

  • Colonels: John H. Ketcham, Alfred B. Smith
  • Lieutenant Colonels: Charles G. Bartlett, Alfred B. Smith, Joseph H. Cogswell
  • Majors: Alfred B. Smith, Joseph H. Cogswell, Henry A. Gildersleeve

Battle record[edit]


The regiment sustained 41 officers and men killed and mortally wounded, 116 wounded but recovered, and 40 missing or captured, for a total of 207 casualties.[3]


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