2005–06 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, China

The 2005–06 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, China was an A1 Grand Prix race, held on the weekend of April 2, 2006 at Shanghai International Circuit. A1 Team Malaysia snatched their first pole position for the final Sprint race of the 2005/06 A1 Grand Prix season this afternoon after the flag had dropped in the last of the four qualifying sessions. A1 Team Great Britain’s Darren Manning, who led from the word go, was denied the opportunity to head up the grid in his first A1GP race by Malaysia’s Alex Yoong. While Manning still recorded the fastest lap of qualifying, Yoong pushed his aggregate time ahead of A1 Team France and Great Britain, with a 1.51.846 flying lap after leaving the pits in the last few minutes of the session. With three official practice sessions and four 15 minute qualifying sessions completed over two days, not a single red flag was seen all weekend. There were a few spins including a matching pair from A1 Team Australia and USA on turn one in the first qualifying session and another from A1 Team New Zealand in Q3, but they each managed to get themselves back on track for the subsequent sessions.

Home racers A1 Team China and series leaders A1 Team France are both taking advantage of a rule which allows teams to change drivers between qualifying and each of the two races. A1 Team China will run with Ma Qinghua in the sprint race and Tengyi Jiang in the feature race while A1 Team France will run Alexandre Premat for the sprint and Nicolas Lapierre for the feature race. All other A1 Teams will keep their qualifying driver behind the wheel for both races. A1 Team Malaysia's Alex Yoong converted his first pole position into the team's first race win after a dominant performance in the sprint race at the A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Shanghai International Circuit, taking his spot at the head of the grid for the following feature race. Series leaders, France put pressure on from the start, trying everything possible to pass Great Britain and Malaysia ahead of them. From the approach to turn one, Alexandre Premat slipped the tricolour car between Malaysia and Britain trying to edge ahead through turns one and two but the grid leaders held their positions and France fell back to its third place starting position out of turn three.

It was the start of an unusually bad race for the French who may have laid claim to the Series title but were still under attack from the rest of the field throughout the race. As the field crossed the start/finish line into the second lap, Malaysia was building its lead on Great Britain, with Mexico shortly behind having overtaken France at the end of the first lap. Italy brought up the rear after an earlier spin and continued to battle with China whose second driver, Ma Qinghua defended well in front of his home crowd. A collision between Switzerland and Canada saw retirements from both, while A1 Team Austria at seventeenth across the line, completed the 100,000th race mile for the A1 engine, demonstrating its reliability having nearly completed the first season without a single engine failure. While an incident between Lebanon and Austria saw both teams retire from the rear of the field, the major battles continued at the front. A1 Team Ireland's number two, Michael Devaney, racing for only the second time this season, used his last PowerBoost on the approach to turn one stealing fourth place from France on lap five.

Just one lap and France was once again the victim of an overtaking move, this time by the Netherlands' Jos Verstappen, who cleared a path for Indonesia to follow through. Determined to maintain his position, France's Alexandre Premat defended hard but the Czech Republic with Tomáš Enge behind the wheel fought its way past a few laps later. While France and the Czech Republic contested sixth place, Indonesia kept the pressure on the Netherlands ahead of them for fifth. Verstappen's vast race experience did not make the defence of his position an easy task and the dogged determination of Ananda Mikola paid off; as technical problems brought an early end to the Dutch race, Indonesia was the first to head past before the orange car of Verstappen slowed on the track pulling into the pits at the end of lap 11. As the grid headed into lap 12, the battle focused on second and third place Great Britain and Mexico as Salvador Durán intensified the pressure on newcomer Darren Manning. Manning held his nerve to the flag, holding off double winner at the previous race in Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to take second place with Durán less than a second behind.

Winning his first race in A1 Grand Prix, Malaysia's Alex Yoong said: "The car was good, we knew the temperature was rising, were worried about the condition of the tyres. After the start I was able to conserve the tyres and still able to push at the end". Commenting on the trend of drivers winning the Sprint and Feature races, Alex said "I like that trend! I will be able to repeat it, but it will be competitive in the main race. The pit stops will be crucial and it will be important to look after the car." Finishing second in his first race in A1 Grand Prix, Darren Manning was pleased to secure A1 Team Great Britain's third place in the standings. "This was the main goal for the team, it has been a great weekend. I think. I didn't have the pace of Alex in the race, but I managed to fend off France and the charging Salvador. I'm not used to this two race thing! The second race will be more like I'm used to, a long race with strategy and pit stops, so I think past experience will help me." Salvador Durán battled hard to pass Darren Manning, right up to the last lap.

"It was difficult to pass, we were managing to do similar times, but we had different set ups on the cars, so we were faster on different parts of the track. I did try hard one time to

2010 Milwaukee flood

Two episodes of flash flooding in the Milwaukee, area during a one-week period caused flooding of basements and streets in July 2010. The first incident occurred in the night on July 15 to July 16. Seven days on July 22 up to 7.5 inches of rain fell in two hours. This unusually heavy rainfall turned freeways into rivers and impassable ponds; because of the massive amount of rain in such a short amount of time, it caused sewer backups in many areas of the county. The hardest hit were the Northshore areas of Shorewood, Whitefish Bay and North-eastern Milwaukee with water reaching five feet in some areas; the areas were beginning to resume normalcy. The phrase'insult to injury' was echoed among many of the TV stations for their plight. Other severe floods causing ditches to flow over and basement damage occurred in Fox Point; the flooding caused one confirmed death, as 19-year-old Kyle Prelesnik's body was recovered from Lincoln Creek about eight blocks away from his car which he had been driving in the storm.

The cause of the car going into the creek is pending. It is estimated. Governor Jim Doyle declared a State of Emergency for Milwaukee County on July 23 as more than ten inches of rain had fallen between the two storms. Damage from flood waters and backed-up sewage led to a decision in November 2010 to demolish the former St. Michael Hospital, a seven-story 800,000-square-foot building, vacant since the hospital closed in 2006. A large sinkhole at the intersection of Oakland and North Avenues on Milwaukee's East Side was large enough for vehicles to be engulfed by; the severe weather closed Mitchell International Airport. The runways were flooded with high water grounding local flights, causing incoming flights to be diverted. Media coverage was hampered as the heavy rains caused flooding and damage to equipment at several television stations; the rain caused a sewer to back up inside television stations WVTV-TV and WCGV-TV, damaging equipment and causing the stations to go off-air until the next afternoon.

Local television operations did not resume until in the weekend. Flooding of a creek next to the transmission facility for WDJT-TV, WMLW-TV, WBME-TV and WYTU-LP caused all four stations to go dark, news operations on WDJT were affected as the station's microwave relay for ENG vehicles was not operational. For much of the weekend, rival station WTMJ-TV simulcast WDJT on a digital subchannel, repaying an arrangement made to simulcast WTMJ on a WDJT subchannel earlier in the year after WTMJ's tower was struck by lightning. During the intense rain several stations experienced Rain fade on satellite reception so severe that network programming had to be temporarily suspended, either by use of a technical difficulties message or, in the case of WDJT, airing impromptu news and weather coverage. In the aftermath of the flooding, the state of Wisconsin requested emergency assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but the initial request was rejected because there was not enough damage reported to qualify for assistance.

In August, after Governor Doyle appealed the rejection and submitted additional information on damages, the state received a "Public Assistance" declaration that authorized federal aid in connection with flooding and storm damage to public facilities in Milwaukee County and Grant County, during the period July 20–24. Calumet County was added to the declaration. In September, President Barack Obama issued an "Individual Assistance declaration" that authorized federal aid for damaged homes and businesses