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The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1510 kHz:[1] 1510 AM is a North American (U.S.) clear-channel frequency.[2] WLAC in Nashville, Tennessee is the dominant Class A station on 1510 AM. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) page, referenced here, also lists KGA in Spokane, Washington, as a Class A station, when in fact it downgraded to Class B several years ago.

In Argentina

  • LRI253 in Suardi, Santa Fe
  • LV21 in Villa Dolores, Córdoba

In Mexico

In the United States

  • KAGC in Bryan, Texas
  • KAGY in Port Sulphur, Louisiana
  • KBED in Nederland, Texas
  • KCKK in Littleton, Colorado
  • KCTE in Independence, Missouri
  • KCTX (AM) in Childress, Texas
  • KFNN in Mesa, Arizona
  • KGA in Spokane, Washington
  • KIFG (AM) in Iowa Falls, Iowa
  • KIRV in Fresno, California
  • KMND in Midland, Texas
  • KMRF in Marshfield, Missouri
  • KMSD in Mibank, South Dakota
  • KNNS in Larned, Kansas
  • KOAZ in Isleta, New Mexico
  • KROB in Robstown, Texas
  • KSFN in Piedmont, California
  • KSPA in Ontario, California
  • KSTV (AM) in Stephenville, Texas
  • KTTT in Columbus, Nebraska
  • KWJB in Canton, Texas
  • WBSG in Lajas, Puerto Rico
  • WEAL in Greensboro, North Carolina
  • WFAI (AM) in Salem, New Jersey
  • WJKN (AM) in Jackson, Michigan
  • WJOT (AM) in Wabash, Indiana
  • WLAC in Nashville, Tennessee
  • WLGN in Logan, Ohio
  • WLKR (AM) in Norwalk, Ohio
  • WMEX (AM) in Boston, Massachusetts
  • WPGR (AM) in Monroeville, Pennsylvania
  • WQQW in Highland, Illinois
  • WQUL in Woodruff, South Carolina
  • WRNJ in Hackettstown, New Jersey
  • WRRD in Waukesha, Wisconsin
  • WWBC in Cocoa, Florida
  • WWHN in Joliet, Illinois
  • WWSM in Annville-Cleona, Pennsylvania
  • WYEC in Macomb, Illinois