1511 Idrija earthquake

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1511 Idrija earthquake
1511 Idrija earthquake is located in Alps
1511 Idrija earthquake
Local date March 26, 1511 (1511-03-26)
Epicenter 46°12′N 13°26′E / 46.2°N 13.43°E / 46.2; 13.43Coordinates: 46°12′N 13°26′E / 46.2°N 13.43°E / 46.2; 13.43 [1]
Total damage Severe [1]
Max. intensity X (Extreme) [1]
Tsunami Yes [1]
Casualties 15 dead [1]

The 1511 Idrija earthquake (Slovene: Idrijski potres) occurred on March 26 with a maximum Mercalli intensity of X (Extreme). Fifteen people were killed and damage was considered severe.

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