Nicole Walker (writer)

Nicole Walker is an American essayist and professor. Nicole Walker grew up in Utah, she graduated from Reed College with her Bachelor of Arts, the University of Utah with her Master in Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Ph. D. in English Literature and Creative Writing. She is Vice President of the NonfictioNOW Conference, board member for Northern Arizona Book Festival, nonfiction editor of the online literary journal, The Diagram, she has taught at the University of Utah, Grand Valley State University, is a professor and MFA Program Director at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. She is the co-editor of the popular nonfiction anthology, Bending Genre. A book about pushing the genre line, Bending Genre includes acclaimed writers Michael Martone, Brenda Miller, Ander Monson, David Shields, her book, Egg, is part of Bloomsbury's Object Lessons series. In addition to her book projects, Walker has written nearly one hundred letters to Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. Called a "one-way pen pal relationship" by the Arizona Capitol Times, most of the letters are focused on public, higher education in the State of Arizona.

Her Letters to Ducey now appear at the Arizona Daily Sun. Along with artist Rebecca Campbell, Nicole Walker curated the ekphrastic game of telephone, 7 Artists, 7 Rings, it appeared on Huffington Post. The After-Normal: Brief, Alphabetical Essays on a Changing Planet. Rose Metal Press. 2019 Sustainability: A Love Story. Ohio State University Press. 2018. Where the Tiny Things Are: Feathered Essays. Punctum Press. 2017. Egg. Bloomsbury Editions. 2017. Quench Your Thirst with Salt. Zone 3 Press. 2013. This Noisy Egg. Barrow Street Press. 2010. Bending Genre. Toward a Theory of Nonfiction. Bloomsbury Press. 2013. Microwine. Essay Press. 2016. Micrograms. New Michigan Press. 2016. Distracted Parents of the Micromanagement Era. Black Warrior Review. 2015. National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Arizona Commission on the Arts Individual Artist Grant Zone 3 Press Creative Nonfiction AwardIndependent Press Silver Medal. Best American Essays, Notable Essays 2008, 2014, 2015, 2016 Best of the Net, 2013 and 2014

Sheepheaven Creek redband trout

The Sheepheaven Creek redband trout is a local Californian variety of the rainbow trout, a freshwater fish in the family Salmonidae. It is considered either a distinct western form of the McCloud River redband trout, or a subspecies of its own, which has not been scientifically named and described yet, it is native to Sheepheaven Creek, Siskiyou County, United States. It has been transplanted into Swamp Creek in 1972 and 1974 and into Trout Creek in 1977, they can now be found in both locations. Sheepheaven Creek redband are found to be the most distinct among all other trout groups, therefore has been suggested to merit recognition as a new subspecies, they have the fewest gill rakers of any western trout