1521 in art

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List of years in art (table)

The year 1521 in art involved some significant events and new works.


  • Art and artifacts seized by the Spanish from Mexico are distributed and displayed in Europe this year. After seeing items on display in Brussels, Albrecht Dürer writes in his diary, "I also saw the things that were brought to the King from the new land of gold: a sun entirely of gold, a whole fathom wide, and a moon entirely of silver, of equal size, likewise two rooms of rare accoutrements, of all manner of their weapons, armour, bows and arrows, wonderful arms, strange garments, bed hangings and all manner of wonderful things for many uses, all much fairer to behold than any marvel. These things are all so precious that they are valued at one hundred thousand guilders. And in all the days of my life I have seen nothing that has so rejoiced my heart as these things. For I saw among them strange and exquisitely worked objects and marvelled at the subtle genius of the men in distant lands. The things I saw there I have no words to express."[1]





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