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This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1521.

List of years in literature (table)


New books[edit]



  • Alexander BarclayThe Boke of Codrus and Mynalcas, the author's "Fourth Eclog"[1]
  • Henry BradshawThe Life of St. Werburgh[1]
  • Andrew Chertsey, The Passyon of Oure Lorde, translated from French with additional verses inserted and introductory poem by Robert Copland (published in London by Wynkyn de Worde)[1]
  • Christmas Carols, including "A caroll of huntynge" and "A carol bringyng in the bores heed"[1]
  • Robert Copland – Introductory verse to The Myrrour & the Chyrche (published in London by Wynkyn de Worde)[2]
  • Approximate dates
    • A boke of a Ghoostly fader (A Book of a Ghostly Father, published in London by Wynkyn de Worde)[1][2]
    • John Skelton, "The Tunnyng of Elynour Rummyng"[1][3]


Unknown dates



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