1528 in Sweden

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Events from the year 1528 in Sweden



  • - The King is crowned in Uppsala, without the customary oath to confirm the power of the bishops.
  • - The last Catholic arch bishop of Sweden, Johannes Magnus, left for Italy.
  • - The Evangelical psalms of Olaus Petri is published.
  • - The customary fortress of the Finnish bishop is dismantled by royal decree.
  • - The King subdues the second of the Dalecarlian Rebellions: Christina Gyllenstierna is forced to write a public statement that the leader, the so-called Daljunkern ("The youngster from Dalarna"), was not her son, and that of all the sons she had with regent Sten, the only son alive was Svante.[1] The Daljunkern flees abroad, where he is arrested an executed in Germany.




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