George Haimsohn

George Haimsohn was an American writer and photographer. He was best known for co-writing the book and libretto of the popular 1960s Off-Broadway musical Dames at Sea, he produced male nude and "physique photography" under the name Plato, wrote a number of gay male erotic novels under the name Alexander Goodman. Haimsohn was born in St. Louis, Missouri, he served in the U. S. Navy during World War 2, subsequently graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. In 1952 he moved to Greenwich Village, New York City. In the mid-1960s, he anonymously wrote The Gay Coloring Book and My Trip Around the World, comedic picture books illustrated by Dom Orejudos, depicting the social and sex lives of contemporary gay men living in the Village, he wrote and illustrated Modern Fairy Tales: Autobiography of a Camp under the pseudonym Peter B. Luvvly. In 1966 he co-wrote with Robin Miller the book and libretto for the musical Dames at Sea, with music by Jim Wise; the original Off-Off-Broadway production launched the career of Bernadette Peters.

Dames was adapted into a 1971 TV production starring Ann-Margret. His other musicals were Now, Zing! and Johnny American. He wrote erotic short stories and novels for gay male readers in the mid-1960s, under the pen name Alexander Goodman, his published books include The Soft Spot: Four Short Stories, A Sliver of Flesh: Four New Short Stories of the Homosexual Life, Carnal Matters: Four Short Stories, Handsome Is... Mercenary Affections: Stories of the Homosexual Life, A Sweet Gentle Boy and Other Stories, The First Time: Five Short Stories, Blaze of Summer, The Gay Psychedelic Sex Book: Collages and Limericks, A Summer on Fire Island, Happyland and Other Stories. In the 1980s, he wrote and illustrated The Portable Hamlet, The Bedside Faust, Inside Romeo and Juliet, comedic illustrated retellings of the classic works, for college readers. George Haimsohn on IMDb George Haimsohn at the Internet Broadway Database George Haimsohn at the Internet Off-Broadway Database


Laminacauda is a genus of dwarf spiders, first described by Alfred Frank Millidge in 1985. As of May 2019 it contains forty-one species, found in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Panama and Uruguay: Laminacauda aluminensis Millidge, 1991 – Argentina Laminacauda amabilis – Peru Laminacauda ansoni Millidge, 1991 – Chile Laminacauda argentinensis Millidge, 1985 – Argentina Laminacauda baerti Miller, 2007 – Panama, Galapagos Is. Laminacauda boliviensis Millidge, 1985 – Bolivia Laminacauda cognata Millidge, 1991 – Chile Laminacauda defoei – Chile Laminacauda dentichelis – Ecuador Laminacauda diffusa Millidge, 1985 – Chile, Falkland Is. Laminacauda dysphorica – Peru, Bolivia Laminacauda expers Millidge, 1991 – Peru Laminacauda fuegiana – Chile, Falkland Is. Laminacauda gigas Millidge, 1991 – Chile Laminacauda grata Millidge, 1991 – Colombia Laminacauda insulana Millidge, 1985 – Tristan da Cunha Laminacauda luscinia Millidge, 1985 – Tristan da Cunha Laminacauda magna Millidge, 1991 – Chile Laminacauda malkini Millidge, 1991 – Chile Laminacauda maxima Millidge, 1985 – Tristan da Cunha Laminacauda montevidensis – Brazil, Argentina Laminacauda monticola Millidge, 1985 – Bolivia Laminacauda nana Millidge, 1991 – Chile Laminacauda newtoni Millidge, 1985 – Chile, Argentina Laminacauda orina – Peru Laminacauda pacifica – Chile Laminacauda parvipalpis Millidge, 1985 – Chile Laminacauda peruensis Millidge, 1985 – Peru Laminacauda plagiata – Chile, Falkland Is.

Laminacauda propinqua Millidge, 1991 – Chile Laminacauda rubens Millidge, 1991 – Chile Laminacauda sacra Millidge, 1991 – Bolivia Laminacauda salsa Millidge, 1991 – Chile Laminacauda suavis Millidge, 1991 – Colombia Laminacauda sublimis Millidge, 1991 – Peru Laminacauda thayerae Millidge, 1985 – Chile Laminacauda tristani Millidge, 1985 – Tristan da Cunha Laminacauda tuberosa Millidge, 1991 – Chile Laminacauda tucumani Millidge, 1991 – Argentina Laminacauda vicana – Peru Laminacauda villagra Millidge, 1991 – Chile List of Linyphiidae species