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Works published[edit]

Great Britain[edit]

  • Anonymous, Boccus and Sydrake, publication year uncertain but sometime from this year to 1537, edited by John Twyne, an encyclopedia in dialogue form, derived from the Old French Sidrac, in which Boccus asks 847 questions and Sidrac answers them (see Sidrak and Bokkus).[1]
  • Anonymous, Sir Isumbras, publication year uncertain, a romance of separation and reunion of family members, based on the Saint Eustace legend; composed in tail-rhyme in the early 14th century[1]
  • Anonymous, Sir Lamwell, publication year uncertain but thought to be from this year to 1532; a version of an Authurian "fairy mistress" tale from Marie de France's Lai de Lanval, written in the second half of the 12th century[1]
  • Alexander Barclay, translator, Eclogues, publication year uncertain; translated from De miseria curialium of Enea Silvio de Piccolomini (Pope Pius II)); see also The Boke of Codrus and Mynalcas 1521 and Fifth Eclogue 1518[1]



  • Hans Sachs, Das Schlaraffenland, satirical, humorous anecdotes, called "Schwanke", in doggerel verse, Germany[3][4]


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