1534 in Sweden

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Events from the year 1534 in Sweden



  • 2 February – Sweden joins the Count's Feud to support the Danish throne claimant Christian against the Lübeck -supported Christian II.
  • - The King's brother-in-law John VII of Hoya, vassal of Viborg, joins the enemy Lübeck in the ongoing Counts Feud.
  • - The Pagan holy well at Sånga is destroyed on the order of Laurentius Petri.
  • 31 October – Halmstad is taken by the Swedish army.
  • - The monarch conquers Viborg in the province of Finland from his brother-in-law John of Hoya, who supported Lübeck, and thereby crushes the Hanseatic influence in Finland. John of Hoya flees to Estonia.
  • - The Thaler is introduced in Sweden.
  • Dissolution of Riseberga Abbey: the former nuns move to Germany.