153 SP Air Defence Regiment

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153 Light Air Defence (Gun Missile/Self Propelled) Regiment
Active 1993–present
Country Pakistan Pakistan
Allegiance Pakistan Army
Branch Army
Type Self Propelled Air Defence Regiment
Role Air Defence
Nickname(s) Ek Tarwinja
Motto(s) Allah O Akbar (God is Great)
Engagements Gulf War 1990–1993
Kargil War 1999–2000
War on Terror

The 153 Light Air Defence (Gun Missile/Self Propelled) Regiment, commonly referred to as the 153 SP Air Defence Regiment, is an Air Defence Regiment of the Pakistan Army. It was raised on 9th May 1993 from an Independent Air Defence Battery. As an Air Defence Battery it was deployed in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia from 1990 to 1993 as part of Operation Desert Storm. During Desert Storm, it effectively engaged and destroyed multiple Iraqi Scud Missiles directed at Saudi Arabia in mid flight.

The Regiment was also deployed in the Kargil War in 1999 where it downed an Indian Mikoyan MiG-27 fighter aircraft using ANZA Mark 1 Pakistani made Surface to Air Missile System. The regiment has also served on Infantry role on the Western Borders of Pakistan in anti-terrorist Operations and has effectively taken part in several operations besides guarding Pak Afghan border as an Infantry Battalion. The Regiment remains on the orbit of Armored and Mechanized Formations as a Self Propelled Regiment.

An RBS-70 Surface to Air Missile Mounted APC of 153rd SP Air Defence Regiment on high alert during the escalation of tension between India and Pakistan in 2008