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In literature

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Works published[edit]

  • Vittoria Colonna, Canzoniere ("Songbook"), lyric poems—mostly sonnets, but also canzoni and capitoli in terza rima, keeping to classical Petrarchan style; the first section refers to her late husband, the second to religion and morals;[1] a fourth edition of her amatory and elegiac poems, including a larger proportion of pious works, published in Venice; Italy
  • Bonaventure des Périers, Recueil des Œuvres de feu Bonaventure des Périers, including his poems, published following his suicide, in Lyon, France
  • Clément Marot, Œuvres, edition in definitive arrangement, in Lyon, France
  • Maurice Scève, Délie, objet de plus haute vertu ("Delia, Object of the Highest Virtue"), lyric poetry, the first French canzoniere of love poems,[2] inspired by the style of Petrarch, the poem dedicated to his young student, Pernette du Guillet;[3] made up of 449 decasyllabic dizains (traditional 10-line strophes) and a prefatory huitain (eight-line strophe); illustrated with 50 emblematic woodcuts; the work for which the author is best known; France[2]


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