Geist (video game)

Geist is a first-person shooter action-adventure video game for the Nintendo GameCube, released on August 15, 2005, in North America. A prototype of the game was developed by n-Space, who approached Nintendo to be the game's publisher. Nintendo accepted, making Geist the second GameCube game published by Nintendo to receive an M-rating. In the following years, both companies worked on the project, with its first showing at E3 2003. Announced to be part of the GameCube's 2003 line-up, it was delayed multiple times, making it two years of delay for fine-tuning. During that time, the game's genre changed from the first-person shooter to first-person action-adventure with second-person elements. Geist received mixed reviews upon release, with critics praising the game for its unique concepts and story, while criticism was directed at its poor performance, sluggish controls, bad animations. John Raimi, a civilian scientist and member of counter-terrorism team CR-2, is sent to investigate the Volks Corporation and retrieve undercover agent Thomas Bryson, Raimi's best friend.

After meeting with Bryson, an alarm goes off forcing CR-2 to battle their way out, suffering casualties. One of the agents becomes possessed and kills the rest of the team, with the exceptions of Raimi and Bryson, with the fate of the agent left unknown. Raimi is captured and has his soul removed from his body, with Alexander Volks himself attempting to brainwash him to create a new soldier for Project Z. Before this can happen, a spirit named Gigi frees him, after being taught the basics of being a ghost, sets out to regain his body and save Bryson, he finds and damages the machine used in ghost separation right before Bryson and his soul are separated. In the chaos that ensues, head of Volks' military department, orders that a "catalyst beam" be fired at the machine, resulting in monsters to emerge from a rift that forms. Raimi goes and heads towards a compound, noticing that the escaped creatures from the rift roam inside it, killing anything not from their world. After saving Bryson, Raimi chooses to stay behind to find his original body, while Bryson leaves on a helicopter to inform his superiors of the situation.

But as he departs, Raimi's body becomes possessed by a being known as Wraith, unwillingly shoots down Bryson. He follows Wraith until he ends up at a mansion and reunites with Gigi. There, she tells him about her connection to Volks; as a young boy, Alexander was obsessed with the occult reading books on the matter. One day, as he was reading a book in a big tree, Gigi attempted to get his attention. Being told to go away, she fell, resulting in her death. Desperate, Alexander came up with a plan to use his knowledge of the occult to save his sister. Bringing her to a "special place", he attempted to revive her in a ritual; this failed and instead turned her soul into a ghost. To make matters worse, Alexander himself became possessed by an ancient demon, giving him a symbol-like scar above his right eye. Unaware of both results, Alexander became a puppet of the demon, it is revealed that Volks' Demon wants to seize control over the world through Alexander and his corporation. After being captured again forced to undergo brainwashing once more, Raimi manages to escape due to damage caused by nearby monsters.

Regaining his body after encountering and defeating Wraith, he goes on to stop the Volks Corporation from killing and possessing world leaders. After preventing the attacks from occurring, he faces off with a possessed Alexander, he ends up in an ethereal realm, where he kills Volk's Demon, freeing both Gigi. Afterward, Raimi is picked up by a helicopter. There he reunites with Bryson, who survived the attack, Anna Richardson, Phantom, two characters he had possessed; the game is divided into levels. Each level has one or more boss fights; the game saves automatically after each level. A level is progressed through by completing its stages. A stage can be a period in the game in which the player has to puzzle and/or fight his way to a certain point or can be a boss fight. Upon completing a stage, a new checkpoint is reached; as a disembodied spirit, Raimi cannot interact with the physical world except through possession. Gravity still affects him though he floats and can elevate himself for short periods and he cannot pass through solid walls.

His sight is blue/white, but when standing at the same spot as an object or creature, his sight turns red. Ghosts are invisible and intangible, though they can be seen by other ghosts and animals can sense their presence when they are possessing something. Without a host, a ghost sees everything in slow motion; when Raimi possesses an object, such as a dog food bowl, he sees things from the object's perspective if the device has no visual apparatus. He can provide some motive force on an ordinarily immobile object, activate electronics, alter an object's appearance. Creatures can only be possessed when badly startled; this is accomplished by performing a set combination of actions. Glimpses of a host's recent memories are sometimes gained upon p

H├ęctor Mancilla

Héctor Raúl Mancilla Garcés is a Chilean former footballer who played as a striker. A true striker, Mancilla is not "the fastest or most skillful striker but his true threat is his ability to finish the play in short spaces.". He holds Mexican citizenship. Mancilla made his professional debut with the Chilean club Huachipato in 2000, he spent six seasons with Huachipato scoring 37 goals in 106 appearances. Before the 2006 Apertura in Chile, Mancilla was sold to popular Chilean club Colo-Colo; that season, Mancilla scored twelve goals on the way to a championship. Subsequently, Colo-Colo sold many of their players and Mancilla was one of them, he was sold to CD Veracruz for $800,000. He was sold on 16 June 2008 for an undisclosed price to CD Toluca, he is now one of the top scorers of The Mexican league with 11 goals. He won, he became the top scorer in Clausura 2009 with 14 goals. On 2011, he became a key player for the Apertura 2011 championship of Tigres UANL. On 2012, he was sold to Atlas de Guadalajara.

On 2013, he was transferred to Monarcas Morelia Mancilla was part of the Copa America 2004 squad of Chile. After leaving Chile to play in Mexico, he lost his spot in the national team of Chile due to the lack of playing time in Mexico, his great form at Toluca earned him a recall to the Chile national team. He came in as a replacement in the 2–0 victory against Paraguay on 6 June 2009, earning his 4th cap with the national team, his first in five years, he played three days against Bolivia. Colo-ColoPrimera Division Chile: Apertura 2006TolucaPrimera División de México: Apertura 2008, Bicentenario 2010Tigres UANLPrimera División de México: Apertura 2011MoreliaCopa MX: Apertura 2013 Mexican Golden Boot: Primera División de México Apertura 2008 Mexican Golden Boot: Primera División de México Clausura 2009 Best Forward of the tournament: Primera División de México Apertura 2008 Best Forward of the tournament: Primera División de México Clausura 2009 Héctor MancillaLiga MX stats at