154 (Scottish) Regiment RLC

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154 (Scottish) Regiment RLC
Cap Badge of the Royal Logistic Corps
Active 1993–Present
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  British Army
Type Logistic Regiment
Role 3rd Line Transport
Size One Headquarters Squadron
Four Task Squadrons
527 (Dunfermline) HQ Sqn RLC
221 (Glasgow) Tpt Sqn RLC
230 (Edinburgh) Tpt Sqn
239 (Fife) Tpt Sqn
251 (Ayrshire) Tpt Sqn
Part of 101 Logistic Brigade
The Royal Logistic Corps
Motto(s) We Sustain
March Quick March - On Parade
Slow March -Lion, Sword and Crown
Anniversaries Formation Day 5 Apr
Equipment MAN SV
Battle honours Peninsula
Battle of Waterloo
Taku Forts
Lieutenant Colonel Alan Wilkinson RLC
Ceremonial chief The Princess Royal
Colonel of
the Regiment
Col Gordon Stewart
Regimental Tartan
MacDuff tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png
Tactical Recognition Flash RLC TRF.svg
Abbreviation 154 Regt RLC

154 (Scottish) Regiment is a regiment of the British Army's Royal Logistic Corps. It forms part of the Army Reserve. Its role is to provide general transport support at 'third line' for the British Army.


The regiment was formed as the 154th (Lowland) Regiment, RCT (Volunteers) in Glasgow in 1967.[1] The initially comprised just 221 Squadron and 222 Squadron.[1] 225 Squadron was formed in 1969, 251 Squadron in 1971 and 225 Squadron in 1992.[1] 527 Squadron, 230 Squadron and 231 Squadron and 251 Squadron were added on amalgamation with 153 (Highland) Transport Regiment to form the Scottish Transport Regiment in 1993.[2] 231 Squadron was subsequently disbanded.[2] It became 154 (Scottish) Regiment RLC under the Army 2020 re-organisation[3] and an extra squadron, 239 Squadron, was formed in 2016.[4]


The regiment, which is under Operational Command of 101 Logistic Brigade within the Army's Support Command, comprises the following units:[5]

  • 527 (Dunfermline) Headquarters Squadron, Royal Logistic Corps based in Dunfermline
  • 221 (Glasgow) Transport Squadron, Royal Logistic Corps based in Glasgow
  • 230 (Edinburgh) Transport Squadron, Royal Logistic Corps based in Edinburgh
  • 239 (Fife) Transport Squadron, Royal Logistic Corps based in Dunfermline
  • 251 (Ayrshire) Transport Squadron, Royal Logistic Corps based in Irvine

Each of the task squadrons is equipped with the Leyland-DAF Demountable Rack Off Load and Pick up System (DROPS), which is a Medium Mobility Load Carrier (MMLC) capable of carrying 15 tonnes of stocks or equipment cross country.[5]

Regimental lineage[edit]

The regiment's lineage is as follows:

Forming Regiments The Royal Corps of Transport The Royal Logistic Corps Remarks
Formed on 5 April 1993 from the 153rd (Highland) and 154th (Lowland) Regiments RCT (TA) The Scottish Transport Regiment RLC(V)
Formed 1 April 1967 at Dunfermline from 433 (Forth) Regiment RCT (TA) 153rd (Highland) Artillery Support Regiment
Formed from 51 Highland Division Regiment RCT (TA) 212 Amb Sqn (Perth, Aberdeen and Dunblane)
Formed from 52 (Lowland) Division and 69 (East Lowlands) Regiment RCT (TA) 230 (Edinburgh) Tpt Sqn 230 (Edinburgh) Tpt Sqn
Formed from 433 (Forth) Regiment RCT (TA) 231 Tpt Sqn (Dunfermline until 1998, then Glenrothes) Reroled as 231 (Evacuation) Squadron in 225 General Support Medical Regiment RAMC, 1 July 1999
Formed from The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry/Scottish Horse (T) 239 (Highland Yeomanry) Tpt Sqn (Cupar, Kirkcaldy and Leven) Reroled as C (Fife and Forfar/Scottish Horse) Squadron, The Scottish Yeomanry, 1 November 1992 Amalgamated with the Queen's Own Yeomanry in 1996
Formed 1 April 1967 from 52 Lowland Division Regiment RCT (TA) 154th (Lowland) Transport Regiment
Formed from 528, 530 and 574 Squadrons RCT (TA) 221 (Glasgow) Tpt Sqn 221 (Glasgow) Tpt Sqn
Formed from 264 (Scottish) Regiment RCT (TA) 222 Tpt Sqn (East Kilbride) Reroled as B (Lanarkshire and Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry) Squadron, The Scottish Yeomanry, 1 November 1992 Amalgamated with the Queen's Own Yeomanry in 1996
Formed from Queens Own Lowland Yeomanry (QOLY) 225 (QOLY) Tpt Sqn (Edinburgh) Reroled as 'HQ' (Lothians and Border Horse) Squadron, The Scottish Yeomanry, 1 November 1992 Amalgamated with the Queen's Own Yeomanry in 1996
Formed from the cadre of The Ayrshire Yeomanry 251 (Ayrshire) Tpt Sqn 251 (Ayrshire) Tpt Sqn
Formed 1 April 1993 by redesignation of 94 (Scottish) Ordnance Company RAOC (V) 125 Rations Sqn Moved to 159 Supply Regt RLC(V) 1 April 2007
527 Company RASC, part of the 51st Highland Division Regiment RCT (TA) based in Perth Renamed 212 Sqn RCT 527 HQ Sqn

Commanding Officers[edit]

Commanding Officers From / To
Lt Col AM Matthew Apr 93 - Nov 94
Lt Col RC Hambleton RLC(V) Nov 94 - May 97
Lt Col AJ Parrott May 97 - Aug 99
Lt Col T Couch Aug 99 - Nov 01
Lt Col CJ Wensley Jan 02 - Apr 04
Lt Col PR Couser MBE May 4 - Dec 06
Lt Col LJ Maclean MBE Jan 07 - Jun 09
Lt Col JW Galloway Jul 09 - Dec 11
Lt Col PD Holder Dec 11 - Aug 14
Lt Col G H Wilkinson Aug 14 - Mar 17
Lt Col A Wilkinson Mar 17 - Present

Regimental Sergeant Majors[edit]

Regimental Sergeant Majors From / To
WO1(RSM) TS Raven Jun 93 - Mar 96
WO1(RSM) MG Shipman Apr 96 - Apr 98
WO1(RSM) PS Eaton May 98 - May 00
WO1(RSM) D McBride Jun 00 - Feb 02
WO1(RSM) GK Watson Mar 02 - Oct 03
WO1(RSM) A Honeyman Nov 03 - Mar 06
WO1(RSM) DP Foster Mar 06 - May 8
WO1(RSM) AM Dunwell Jun 08 - Jul 12
WO1(RSM) A McIntyre Jul 12 - Aug 14
WO1(RSM) G Bruce Aug 14 - Apr 16
WO1 (RSM) SJ Bowie Apr 16 - May 18
WO1 (RSM) KA Poole RLC May 18 - Present


The regiment wears the Tactical Recognition Flash of the Royal Logistic Corps. The tartan of the regiment is the MacDuff.[6]


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