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The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1560 kHz:[1] 1560 AM is classified as a United States clear-channel frequency by the Federal Communications Commission.[2] KNZR and WFME share Class A status of 1560 kHz.

In Argentina

In Mexico

In the United States

  • KABI (AM) in Abilene, Kansas
  • KBEW (AM) in Blue Earth, Minnesota
  • KEBC in Del City, Oklahoma
  • KGOW in Bellaire, Texas
  • KHBR (AM) in Hillsboro, Texas
  • KIQS in Willows, California
  • KKAA in Aberdeen, South Dakota
  • KLNG in Council Bluffs, Iowa
  • KLTI in Macon, Missouri
  • KNGR in Daingerfield, Texas
  • KNZR in Bakersfield, California
  • KTUI (AM) in Sullivan, Missouri
  • KTXZ in West Lake Hills, Texas
  • KVAN (AM) in Vancouver, Washington
  • KZIZ in Pacific, Washington
  • KZQQ in Abilene, Texas
  • WAHT in Clemson, South Carolina
  • WBOL in Bolivar, Tennessee
  • WBYM in Bayamon, Puerto Rico
  • WBYS in Canton, Illinois
  • WCNW in Fairfield, Ohio
  • WFME in New York, New York
  • WFSP (AM) in Kingwood, West Virginia
  • WGLB in Elm Grove, Wisconsin
  • WKDO (AM) in Liberty, Kentucky
  • WKIK (AM) in La Plata, Maryland
  • WLZR in Melbourne, Florida
  • WMBH in Joplin, Missouri
  • WMRO in Gallatin, Tennessee
  • WNWN (AM) in Portage, Michigan
  • WPAD in Paducah, Kentucky
  • WRIN in Rensselaer, Indiana
  • WSBV in South Boston, Virginia
  • WSEZ in Paoli, Indiana
  • WSLA in Slidell, Louisiana
  • WTNS (AM) in Coshocton, Ohio
  • WWYC in Toledo, Ohio
  • WYZD in Dobson, North Carolina


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