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Works published[edit]


Great Britain[edit]

  • Anonymous, Dane Hew, publication year conjectural (sometime from this year to 1584); comic tale of a lecherous monk murdered by an enraged husband, in which the corpse is moved back and forth between the murder scene and an abbey[3]
  • William Baldwin, The Funeralles of King Edward the Sixt[3]
  • Thomas Churchyard, The Contention Betwyxte Churchyard and Camell, upon David Dycers Dreame[3]
  • Barnabe Googe, The Zodiac of Life, Books 1–3, translation of Marcello Palingenio Stellato's Zodiacus vitae (c. 1528); see also, editions of 1561, 1565[3]
  • John Heywood, A Fourth Hundred of Epygrams ("Fourth Hundred" actually means "fifth"; see also An Hundred Epigrammes 1550, Works 1562[3]
  • Ann Lok, Sermons of John Calvin including (as Part 2), Meditation of a Penitent Sinner: Written in maner of a paraphrase upon the 51. Psalme of David — generally regarded as the first sonnet sequence in English[3][4]
  • Edward More, The Defence of Women, a reply to The Schole House of Women, which was anonymously published in 1541 (other replies Edward Gosynhyll's The Prayse of all Women and A Dyalogue Defensyve for Women against Malycyous Detractours by Robert Burdet, both 1542); Great Britain[3]



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