1561 in Sweden

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Years: 1558 1559 1560 1561 1562 1563 1564
Stockholm 1560s copperplate Frantz Hogenberg

Events from the year 1561 in Sweden



  • 1 March - Inauguration of the Kullen Lighthouse.[1]
  • 14 April - The Arboga artiklar regulates the power within the Swedish duchies, limiting the political power of the King's brothers.
  • May - The King creates the Höga nämnden, a private court of the King.
  • June - Swedish Estonia is created.
  • 29 June - Coronation of Eric XIV. The hereditary titles friherre (Baron) and count are introduced in Sweden.
  • - Swedish patrol boats patrols the Östersjön to protect ships from pirates.
  • - A law on inns are proclaimed in which the hosts are instructed to keep sufficient supply for humans and horses and the prices are regulated.




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