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List of years in literature (table)

This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1563.


José de Anchieta composing De Beata Virgine Dei Matre, as pictured by Firmino Monteiro

New books[edit]


Title page of Actes and Monuments, first edition


  • José de AnchietaDe Beata Virgine Dei Matre (The Blessed Virgin Mary)
  • Barnaby GoogeEclogues, Epitaphs, and Sonnets
  • Klemens Janicki
    • Vitae regum Polonorum (The Lives of Polish Kings, posthumous)
    • In Polonici vestitus varietatem et inconstantiam dialogus (A Dialogue against the Diversity and Changeability of Polish Dress, posthumous)
  • Dinko RanjinaPjesni razlike (Various Poems)
  • Pierre de Ronsard
    • Remonstrance au peuple de France (Remonstrance to the People of France)
    • Responce aux injures et calomnies, de je ne sçay quels predicans et ministres de Geneve (Response to the Insults and Calumnies of Some Preachers and Ministers of Geneva)




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