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In literature

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Works published[edit]

  • Cristóbal de Castillejo, Works of Castillejo Expurgated by the Inquisition, published posthumously in Madrid, Spain[1]
  • Philippe Desportes, Les premières œuvres de Philippe Desportes, which had circulated widely in manuscript form and were largely love poems (in imitation of minor Italian poets),[2] including "Les Amours de Diane", "les Amours d’Hippolyte", "Élégies", France
  • Johann Fischart (writing under the pen name "Hultrich Elloposcleron") and another author, The Flea Hunt, a burlesque; a flea complains to Jupiter about the hard treatment it receives from women; Fischart wrote the second part, in which women reply and are defended; Germany[3]
  • George Gascoigne, A Hundred Sundry Flowers, Great Britain
  • Torquato Tasso, Aminta, pastoral verse drama, Italy[4]
  • Pontus de Tyard, Nouvell'Œuvres poétiques, France



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