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Cardinal one hundred fifty-seven
Ordinal 157th
(one hundred fifty-seventh)
Factorization prime
Prime 37th
Divisors 1, 157
Greek numeral ΡΝΖ´
Roman numeral CLVII
Binary 100111012
Ternary 122113
Quaternary 21314
Quinary 11125
Senary 4216
Octal 2358
Duodecimal 11112
Hexadecimal 9D16
Vigesimal 7H20
Base 36 4D36

157 (one hundred [and] fifty-seven) is the number following 156 and preceding 158.

In mathematics[edit]

157 is:

In base 10, 1572 is 24649, and 1582 is 24964, which uses the same digits. Numbers having this property are listed in OEISA072841. The previous entry is 13, and the next entry after 157 is 913.

The simplest right angle triangle with rational sides that has area 157 has the longest side with a denominator of 45 digits.

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157 is also:

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