1580s in Belgium

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Events from the 1580s in the Spanish Netherlands and Prince-bishopric of Liège.


Habsburg Netherlands[edit]

Monarch - Philip II, King of Spain and Duke of Brabant, of Luxembourg, etc.

Governor General - Alexander Farnese, Prince (later Duke) of Parma

Prince-Bishopric of Liège[edit]

Prince-Bishop - Gerard van Groesbeeck to December 1580; Ernest of Bavaria from January 1581



  • 1580
  • 1581
  • 1583
  • 1585
    • Articulen ende conditien vanden tractate aengegaen ende ghesloten tusschen die Prince van Parma ende de stadt van Bruessele (Brussels, Jan Mommaert) – the terms of the surrender of Brussels
  • 1587
  • 1588
    • Jan Franco, Almanach oft journael voor't schrickel- jaer ons Heeren M.D.LXXXVIII (Antwerp, Joachim Trognaesius) – a calendar for the year 1588
    • Statuta synodalia dioecesis Atrebatensis cum praedecessorum statutis adjectis (Arras, printed by Joachim Trognaesius for Claude de Buyens) – statutes of the diocesan synod of the diocese of Arras
    • William Allen, An admonition to the nobility and people of England and Ireland, intended to be distributed in the event of a successful Spanish landing in England, printed anonymously by Arnout Coninx but never published
  • 1589
    • Francisco de Valdés, Espeio, y deceplina militar (Brussels, Rutger Velpius)
    • I. B., The copy of a letter lately written by a Spanishe gentleman, to his friend in England in refutation of sundry calumnies, there falsly bruited, and spred emonge the people (Antwerp, Joachim Trognaesius) – counter-propaganda regarding the Spanish Armada
    • Cort verhael vanden aenslach die d'Engelsche hebben aenhevanghen in Spaengien ende Portugael (Antwerp, Joachim Trognaesius) – an account of the English Armada's activities on the coasts of Spain and Portugal




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