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158A Train Carriage.jpg
158A – an open saloon passenger carriage.
Interior Wagon 158a.jpg
The open layout saloon car.
Manufacturer H. Cegielski
Constructed 2009-
Capacity 54
Car length 26 400 mm
Width 2824 mm
Height 4050 mm
Entry Step
Maximum speed 200 km/h
Weight 50000 kg

158A is a train carriage built by H. Cegielski in Poznań. The train carriage is built for national and international passenger transportation with a maximum speed of 200 km/h on tracks with a width of 1435 mm.[1]


Carriage Body Structure[edit]

The chassis and bodywork is a welded structure made of carbon steel with high strength and resistance to corrosion. The whole carriage is covered with corrosion protection, which, together with a covering paint ensures long-term durability of the wagon body. The spaces in the internal walls and the roof is covered with damping mats of a non-combustible material.

Passenger Compartment[edit]

In the interior of the passenger compartment there are arranged in series, seats made out of wool fabric. Above the windows there are placed racks for luggage and a panel fitted with individual lighting for each seat, the monitor includes the lighting setup and seating reservation. Above each carriage door there is a display with information regarding the time, speed and railway stations. The interior lighting for the carriage is made up of uses LED lamps.[2]


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