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List of years in poetry (table)
In literature

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Works published[edit]

Great Britain[edit]

  • Nicholas Breton, The Pilgrimage to Paradise[1]
  • Thomas Churchyard, A Handful of Gladsome Verses: Given to the Queenes Majesty at Woodstocke[1]
  • Henry Constable, Diana, sonnets (see also Diana 1594)[1]
  • Samuel Daniel, Delia, sonnets; dedicated to the Countess of Pembroke (see also Delia and Rosamond Augmented 1594)[1]
  • Gabriel Harvey, Three Letters, and Certaine Sonnets: Especially touching Robert Greene, and other parties, by him abused, poetry and prose; also published this year, the related Foure Letters and Certain Sonnets (see also Three Proper, and Whittie, Familiar Letters 1580)[1]
  • Richard Johnson, The Nine Worthies of London, poetry and prose[1]
  • Edmund Spenser, Daphnaïda. An Elegy upon the death of the noble and vertuous Douglas Howard, Daughter and heire of Henry Lord Howard, Viscount Byndon, and wife of Arthure Gorges Esquier (although one source states the work was first published in London in January of this year,[2] another states the book was published in 1591[1])
  • William Warner, Albions England: The Third Time Corrected and Augmented, third edition, with 9 books (see also Albions England 1586, second edition 1589, fourth edition 1596, fifth edition 1602, A Continuance of Albions England 1606)[1]



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