15th Brigade (Japan)

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15th Brigade
JGSDF 15th Brigade.svg
Active 26 March 2010 – present
Country  Japan
Branch  Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
Type Brigade
Part of JGSDF Western Army.svg Western Army
Garrison/HQ Naha
Maj. Gen. Hideki Agario

The 15th Brigade (第15旅団) is one of six active brigades of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. The brigade is subordinated to the Western Army and is headquartered in Naha, Okinawa. Its responsibility is the defense of Okinawa Prefecture.


  • 15th Brigade, in Naha
    • 15th Brigade HQ, in Naha
    • 51st Infantry Regiment note 1, in Naha
    • 15th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment, in Yaese, with Type 3 Chū-SAM Surface-to-air missile systems
    • 15th Reconnaissance Company, in Naha, with Type 87 armored reconnaissance vehicle
    • 15th Combat Engineer Company, in Naha
    • 15th Signal Company, in Naha
    • 15th Aviation Squadron, in Naha, flying UH-60JA and CH-47J/JA helicopters and LR-2 airplanes
    • 15th NBC-defense Company, in Naha
    • 101st Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company, in Naha
    • 15th Logistic Support Battalion, in Naha

note 1: Infantry Regiments have only battalion strength.

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