15th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island

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The 15th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island represented the colony of Prince Edward Island between January 22, 1839, and 1843.

The Assembly sat at the pleasure of the Governor of Prince Edward Island, Charles Augustus FitzRoy. William Cooper was elected speaker.


The members of the Prince Edward Island Legislature after the general election of 1839 were:

Riding Name
1st Prince James Yeo
Thomas Gorman
2nd Prince Allan Fraser
Alexander Rae
3rd Prince Joseph Pope
Richard Hudson
1st Queens Charles Macneil
Mungo Macfarlane
2nd Queens John Small MacDonald
Malcolm Forbes
3rd Queens John Windsor Le Lacheur
John Arbuckle
1st Kings John Macintosh
Donald McDonald
2nd Kings William Cooper
William Dingwell
3rd Kings Vere Beck
John Dalziel
Charlottetown Edward Palmer
Francis Longworth
Georgetown John Thomson
Joseph Dingwell
Princetown William Clark
Donald Montgomery

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