15th Golden Rooster Awards

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The 15th Golden Rooster Awards, honoring the best in film, were given on 1995, Beijing.[1]

Winners and nominees[edit]

Best Film[edit]

The Accused Uncle Shangang/被告山杠爷

Best Director[edit]

Huang Jianxin/Yang Yazhou - Back to Back, Face to Face

Best Directorial Debut[edit]

Fan Yuan - The Accused Uncle Shangang
Ning Haiqiang - Traceless Ballistic Trajectory

Best Writing[edit]

Bi Bicheng/Fan Yuan - The Accused Uncle Shangang

Best Actor[edit]

Li Rentang - The Accused Uncle Shangang

Best Actress[edit]

Ai Liya - Ermo

Best Supporting Actor[edit]

not awarded this year

Best Supporting Actress[edit]

Ju Xue - Farewell My Love

Best Art Direction[edit]

Yang Gang - Conquer

Best Cinematography[edit]

Bao Xiaoran - South China 1944

Best Editing[edit]

Sun Huiming - Narrow Escape
Nie Weiguo - 大漠歼匪

Best Music[edit]

Chang Yuhong - Conquer

  • Cheng Dazhao - 广州来的新疆娃

Best Sound Recording[edit]

not awarded this year

Best Animation[edit]

White Egg/白色的蛋

  • 黄人黄土
  • 胡僧

Best Documentary[edit]

Old Song of Past Times/往事歌谣

  • 通一兵-见义勇为的英雄战士徐洪刚


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