15th Medical Battalion (German Army)

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The red cross, the protective sign used by the Army Medical Service

The 15th Medical Battalion (German: Sanitätsabteilung 15) was a non-combat battalion of the German Army Medical Service during the First World War, the interwar period and the Second World War. It was based in Frankfurt and Kassel and consisted of personnel from Hesse.


It consisted of the following squadrons:

  • Aschaffenburg Medical Squadron
  • Büdingen Medical Squadron
  • Frankfurt/Main Medical Squadron
  • Fulda Medical Squadron
  • Hanau Medical Squadron
  • Ohrdruf Medical Squadron


The battalion was established during the German Empire as a battalion of the Royal Prussian Army and saw active service during the First World War. In 1919, its headquarters was moved to Kassel and it was merged with the 11th Medical Battalion.[1] From the 1930s it was attached to the IX Army Corps and headquartered in Frankfurt. The battalion exclusively saw service in a medical capacity and thus held non-combatant status under the laws of war.


Most of the personnel of the 15th Medical Battalion were conscripted officers and soldiers, and included military physicians and other medics.

Commanding officers[edit]


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