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List of years in poetry (table)
In literature

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  • Richard Brathwaite, The Golden Fleece[1]
  • William Byrd, Psalmes, Songs, and Sonnets; Some Solemne, Others Joyfull, verse and music[1]
  • George Chapman, The Iliads of Homer (see also Seven Bookes of the Iliades of Homere, Prince of Poets 1598 [contains books 1–2, 7–9], Achilles Shield 1598, Homer Prince of Poets 1609, Homers Odysses 1614, Twenty-four Bookes of Homers Odisses 1615, The Whole Workes of Homer 1616)[1]
  • John Donne, An Anatomy of the World: Wherein, by occasion of the untimely death of Mistris Elizabeth Drury the frailty and the decay of the whole world is represented, published anonymously; Elizabeth Drury was buried on December 17, 1610; written in hopes of securing the patronage of her father, Sir Robert Drury; in three parts: "To the Praise of the Dead and the Anatomy" (probably written by Joseph Hall, later bishop of Exeter and Norwich), "The Anatomy of the World", and "A funerall Elegie" (see also The First Anniversarie 1612)[1]
  • King James Bible, the Authorized Version based on the Bishops' Bible of 1568 and associated with the Hampton Court Conference of 1604; about 50 revisers worked in six groups, two at Oxford University, two at Cambridge University and two at Westminster[1]
  • Aemilia Lanyer, Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum[1]
  • Edmund Spenser, first folio edition of the author's collected works[2]
  • Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft, Emblemata amatoria: afbeeldingen van minne, Dutch




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