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Works published[edit]

Great Britain[edit]

On the death of Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales in 1612[edit]

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The November 6, 1612 death of Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, at age 18, occasions these poems:

  • Thomas Campion, Songs of Mourning: Bewailing the Untimely Death of Prince Henry, verse and music; music by Giovanni Coperario (or "Copario"), said to have been John Cooper, an Englishman[1]
  • George Chapman, An Epicede or Funerall Song, the work states "1612" but was published this year[1]
  • John Davies, The Muses-Teares for the Losse of their Hope[1]
  • William Drummond of Hawthornden, Tears on the Death of Moeliades[1]
  • Joshua Sylvester, Lachrimae Lachrimarum; or, The Distillation of Teares Shede for the Untimely Death of the Incomparable Prince Panaretus, originally published in 1612,[1] the book went into its third edition this year, with Elegy upon [...] Prince Henry by John Donne added to this edition;[2] (also includes poems in English, French, Latin and Italian by Walter Quin)[1]



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