If You Miss 'Im...I Got 'Im

If You Miss'Im... I Got'Im is an album by blues musician John Lee Hooker with his cousin Earl Hooker released by the BluesWay label in 1970; the AllMusic review stated: "This album is marked by the interaction between John Lee Hooker and his guitar-playing cousin Earl. Earl, who succumbed to illness in 1970, was a fine bluesman in his own right, possessing a formidable slide technique. Many are unaware that the two performed together, the band that accompanies John Lee here backed Earl frequently... Heard here less than a year before his death, Earl still sounds frisky and versatile utilizing a funky wah-wah style without descending into the psychedelic excesses that plagued so many late-'60s electric blues albums... On If You Miss'Im, John Lee benefits from keeping it in the family". All compositions credited to John Lee Hooker "The Hookers" – 4:41 "Baby, I Love You" – 4:08 "Lonesome Mood" – 5:11 "Bang Bang Bang Bang" – 4:45 "If You Take Care of Me, I'll Take Care of You" – 3:33 "Baby, Be Strong" – 5:03 "I Wanna Be Your Puppy, Baby" – 8:06 "I Don't Care When You Go" – 2:34 "Have Mercy on My Soul!"

– 7:54 John Lee Hooker – guitar, vocals Earl Hooker – guitar Paul Asbell – guitar Jeffrey Carpharmonica Johnny "Big Moose" Walkerpiano, organ Chester "Gino" Skaggs – bass Roosevelt Shaw – drums

Freedom of speech in Brazil

The freedom of expression in Brazil, is protected by section IV and XII of Article 5 of the Constitution of Brazil. Freedom of expression is not absolute. Article 5 of the Constitution of Brazil encodes freedom of speech as a constitutional right; the Article was approved along with the Constitution of Brazil in 1988. Article 5: All are equal before the law, without distinction whatsoever, guaranteeing Brazilians and foreigners residing in the country the inviolable right to life, equality and property, as follows: IV – the expression of thought is free, anonymity being forbidden; when the individual has their dignity shaken through continuous and repetitive depreciation of their self-esteem, it qualifies as moral harassment. Causing judicial proceeding and may be punishable by monetary compensation. Hate Speech is not considered freedom of speech. Causing arrest. Bullying is not considered freedom of speech. Causing judicial proceeding and may be punishable by monetary compensation. There are several articles of the Brazilian Penal Code that restrict freedom of speech defining some speeches as a crime.

Article 122 - Causing or inciting a person to commit suicide or provide him assistance to do:Penalty - imprisonment from two to six years if the suicide is consummated. Single Paragraph - The penalty is doubled:I - if the crime is committed by selfish motive. Article 138 - Slander someone, charging him falsely fact defined as a crime:Penalty - imprisonment from six months to two years and fine.§ 1 - The same penalty whom know of falsehood, propagates or publishes.§ 2 - is punishable slander against the dead.§ 3 - It is recognized proof of the truth, unless:I - if the offended has not been convicted by a final judgment. Article 139 - Defame someone, charging him indeed offensive to its reputation:Penalty - imprisonment of three months to one year and a fine. Single Paragraph - The exception to the truth only is allowed if the offended is a public official and the offense is on the exercise of their functions. Article 140 - Insult someone, offending his dignity or decorum:Penalty - detention of one to six months, or a fine.§ 1 - The court may disapply the pen:I - when the offended, the reprehensible manner, directly caused the injury.

Article 147 - Threatening someone, by word, writing or gesture, or any other symbolic medium, of causing him harm unjust and severe:Penalty - detention of one to six months, or a fine. Article 208 - To mock someone publicly, by reason of belief or religious function. Single Paragraph - If there is use of violence, the penalty is increased by one third, without prejudice to the corresponding violence. Article 286 - Inciting publicly the practice of crime:Penalty - detention of three to six months or a fine. Article 287 - Make publicly, praise or justification of criminal act or crime author:Penalty - detention of three to six months or a fine. Article 331 - Insulting a public official on the job or by reason of their duties:Penalty - detention of six months to two years or a fine. Article 339 - To cause police investigation, court proceedings, administrative investigation, civil investigation or action administrative impropriety against someone, charging him crime that knows that he is innocent:Penalty - imprisonment of two to eight years and a fine.§ 1 - The penalty is increased by the sixth part, if the agent makes use of anonymous or assumed name.

§ 2 - The penalty is reduced by half if the charge is the practice of misdemeanor. Article 340 - Provoke the action of authority, informing it of the occurrence of crime or misdemeanor than knows did not occur:Penalty - detention of one to six months or a fine. Article 341 - Self-accuse, to the authorities of non-existent crime or practiced by others:Penalty - detention of three months to two years or a fine. There are specific causes of increased punishment for slander, injury. Article 141 - The penalties prescribed in this chapter is increased by one third if any crime is committed:I - against the President or against the head of government, foreign. Single paragraph. If crime is committed through payment or promise of reward, applies to pen double. Article 142 - do not constitute injury or defamation punishable:I - the offense made in court, during the discussion, by the defendant or his attorney.