1633 in literature

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List of years in literature (table)

This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1633.


New books[edit]


  • William AlabasterEcce sponsus venit
  • "Henry van Etten" (pseudonym for Jean Leurechon) – Mathematical Recreations
  • Fulke GrevilleCertain Learned and Elegant Works (containing the closet dramas Alaham and Mustapha)
  • Thomas Stafford (ed.) – Pacata Hibernia: Ireland appeased and reduced, or, An historie of the late warres of Ireland, especially within the province of Mounster, under the government of Sir George Carew, knight[1]



  • Abraham CowleyPoetical Blossoms
  • John Donne (posthumous) – Poems, by J.D., the first collected edition
  • Phineas FletcherThe Purple Island, or the Isle of Man
  • George Herbert (posthumous) – The Temple: Sacred poems and private ejaculations, the first collected edition




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