Laetiporus cremeiporus

Laetiporus cremeiporus is a species of polypore fungus in the family Fomitopsidaceae. It is found in cooler temperate areas of China and Japan, where it grows on logs and stumps of hardwood trees oak; the fruit body of the fungus comprises large masses of overlapping reddish-orange caps with a cream-colored pore surface on the underside. The fungus was described as new to science in 2010 by Japanese mycologists Yuko Ota and Tsutomu Hattori; the type collection was made on Mount Kurikoma, in Miyagi Prefecture, where the fungus was found fruiting on a trunk of oak. Molecular analysis of DNA sequences confirmed that the taxon is a unique species within the genus Laetiporus; the specific epithet cremeiporus refers to the cream-colored pores on the cap underside. The fruit body of the fungus comprises overlapping light orange to reddish-orange fan-shaped plates that individually measure up to 24 cm wide by 32 cm long. Collectively, the entire fruit body can reach a size of 50 cm or more; the color of the caps fades to pale brown in age.

The pore surface on the cap underside are yellowish-white to cream colored sometimes becoming pinkish in age. Pores are small; the flesh has a mild taste and an unpleasant odor that the authors liken to "garbage". Spores are egg-shaped to ellipsoid. Basidia are club-shaped with two to four sterigmata, measure 15–20 by 5–8 µm. Laetiporus cremeiporus is found in cool and temperate areas of China and Japan, where it grows on stumps and logs of hardwood trees oak

Emmett Wilson

Emmett Wilson was a United States Representative from Florida. He was the grandson of Augustus Emmett Maxwell. Wilson was born during the temporary residence of his parents at British Honduras. Wilson moved with his parents to Chipley, Florida where he attended the public schools and Florida State College at Tallahassee, Florida, he was employed as a railroad telegrapher and as a stenographer and was graduated from the law department of the Stetson University at DeLand in 1904. Admitted to the bar the same year, he commenced practice in Florida, he moved to Pensacola, Florida in 1906 and continued the practice of law. Wilson was appointed assistant United States attorney for the northern district of Florida February 1, 1907, United States attorney for the same district October 7, 1907, he held the position until March 1909. He was the state’s attorney for the first judicial circuit of Florida 1911-1913 and was elected as a Democrat to the Sixty-third and Sixty-fourth Congresses, he was an unsuccessful candidate for renomination in 1916.

After leaving Congress, he resumed the practice of law in Pensacola and died there in 1918. He was buried in St. John’s Cemetery. United States Congress. "Emmett Wilson". Biographical Directory of the United States Congress