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List of years in poetry (table)
  • 1646
  • 1647
  • 1648
  • 1649
  • 1650
  • 1651
  • 1652
  • In literature

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    Works published[edit]

    • Richard Brome, perhaps the editor, Lachrymae Musarum: The Tears of the Muses, anonymous collection of elegies on the death of Henry, Lord Hastings; assumed to have been assembled by Brome[1]
    • Richard Lovelace, Lucasta: Epodes, Odes, Sonnets, Songs, &c., to which is added Aramantha, A Pastoral., London: Tho. Harper (see also Lucasta: Posthume Poems 1659)
    • John Ogilby, translator, The Works of Publius Virgilius Maro, translation from the original Latin, "a respectable and often sumptuously printed work [...] which, until [John] Dryden's folio [of 1697], was not superseded", according to 20th century critic Mark Van Doren[2]
    • Thomas Stanley, the elder, Europa. Cupid Crucified. Venus Vigils[1]
    • George Wither, Carmen Eucharisticon[1]
    • Elegies on the execution of King Charles I of England on January 30:
      • Henry King, A Groane at the Funerall of that Incomparable and Glorious Monarch, Charles the First[1]
      • Thomas Pierce, anonymously, Caroli τοῦ μακαρίτου Παλιγγενεσία, 1649
      • Monumentum Regale, a Tombe for Charles I, collection


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