164 GPIE "Miguel de Cervantes"

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164 GPIE "Miguel de Cervantes"
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Coordinates 42°41′36″N 23°20′50″E / 42.6933°N 23.3473°E / 42.6933; 23.3473Coordinates: 42°41′36″N 23°20′50″E / 42.6933°N 23.3473°E / 42.6933; 23.3473
Type Independent, Half-Day
Established 1991
Director Z.Yoncheva
Number of students 5x140 ( since 2017/2018 there are 168 students per alumni )
Publication "Малък училищен Вестник" (A Small School Newspaper)

164 GPIE "Miguel de Cervantes" (Bulgarian: 164 ГПИЕ "Мигел де Сервантес, 164th High school with Studying of Spanish Language "Miguel de Cervantes; full name: 164 гимназия с преподаване на испански eзик "Мигел де Сервантес"; 164 Gimnaziya s Prepodavane na Ispanski Ezik "Migel de Servantes") is among the top and most prestigious secondary schools in Bulgaria and the Balkans, based in the capital city of Sofia.

The school, founded in 1991, is the first school in Bulgaria in which the first language is Spanish and one of the three out now.

164 GPIE "Miguel de Cervantes" and the American College of Sofia are considered to be the best high schools in Bulgaria. The students of the two schools almost always take the first two places, with very small differences, in the Bulgarian matriculations, with results higher than 5,50 which is considered an "A" in Bulgaria, and almost always they are the only schools, whose average results are "A"s. The differences are small, mostly in the range 0,05 - 0,20.


The school's name comes from the famous Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, a Spanish novelist, poet, and playwright, also the author of Don Quijote, born on 9 October 1547, in Alcalá de Henares.