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List of years in literature (table)

This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1650.


  • Blaise Pascal's poor health forces him to retire from the study of mathematics.
  • Parliament appoints a commission for the propagation and preaching of the gospel in Wales, advised by Vavasor Powell.[1]
  • Despite the official prohibition against stage plays in England, theatrical manager and promoter William Beeston finances repairs to the Cockpit Theatre and attempts to assemble and train a company of young actors. His effort is unsuccessful.
  • Under this year's Blasphemy Act, English radical Jacob Bauthumley is arrested, convicted and has his tongue pierced on account of his book The Light and Dark Sides of God.
  • Robert Baron publishes his plagiarized work Pocula Castalia, stealing mainly from the minor poems of John Milton issued in 1645.
  • At about this date Agneta Horn writes her autobiography, Agneta Horns leverne, in Swedish; it will not be discovered until 1885.

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