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In literature

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Works published[edit]

  • Robert Aylet, Divine, and Moral Speculations in Metrical Numbers, Upon Various Subjects, including previously published verses along with "The Song of Songs" and "The Brides Ornaments", apparently published in this book for the first time[1]
  • John Playford, A Breefe Introduction to the Skills of Musick for Song & Violl, verse and music[1]
  • The Harmonie of the Muses; Or, The Gentlemans and Ladies Choisest Recreation, an anthology from nine contributors; includes several by John Donne, "Elegy XVII" (here titled "Loves Progress by Dr Don) and "Elegy XIX: To His Mistress Going to Bed" (here titled "An Elegie made by J.D."), as well as Donne's "A Valediction: forbidding Mourning", "Loves Diet", "The Prohibition" and "The Will", with other poems also attributed to "J.D.", "Dr. Don" or "Dr. Joh. Don"[2]


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