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Events from the year 1660 in Denmark.



Paying Homage to the Hereditary King in Front of Copenhagen Castle, 18 October 1660
Wolfgang Heimbach, (1666)
  • The Treaty of Copenhagen is signed, marking the conclusion of the Second Northern War.
  • May 31 – The Swedish troops depart from their camps outside Copenhagen.[1]
  • July 11 – The city gates of Copenhagen re-opens and trade returns to normal.[1]
  • September 10 – The estates gather at Copenhagen Castle to solve the financial problems faced after the wars and Frederick plays the different estates against each other.[2]
  • October 10 – The 1660 Danish state of emergency is declared by the king with the purpose of putting pressure on the nobility, a move which proves successful.[2]
  • October 13 – Bishop Hans Svane publicly offers the Heraldry Kingdom to the annulment of the Haandfæstning, and the institution of absolute monarchy is instituted by decree.
  • October 14 – A Constituent Commission set up by the king meets for the first time to embark on the task of drawing up a new constitution but unable to agree it simply decides to cancel the existing Håndfæstning and leave it to the king to write the new constitution.[2]
  • October 17 – Extensive celebrations pay homage to the new Heraldry King.[1]
  • November 4 The Chancellery and the "Geheime-statsrådet" are established.[2]





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