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More Real Folk Blues: The Missing Album

More Real Folk Blues: The Missing Album is an album by blues musician John Lee Hooker, recorded in Chicago in 1966 at the same sessions for The Real Folk Blues but not released by the Chess label until 1991. AllMusic reviewer Bill Dahl stated: "Produced by Ralph Bass in 1966 but not issued by Chess at the time, More Real Folk Blues was unearthed by MCA only a few years back. It's no masterpiece, but deserved release in its day – backed by Burns and a Chicago rhythm section that copes as well as can be expected with Hooker's singular sense of timing". All compositions credited to John Lee Hooker "This Land Is Nobody's Land" – 4:31 "Deep Blue Sea" – 3:35 "Nobody Knows" – 4:24 "Mustang Sally & GTO" – 4:38 "Lead Me" – 4:44 "Catfish" – 7:25 "I Can't Quit You Baby" – 3:27 "Want Ad Blues" – 6:09 "House Rent Blues" – 3:49 John Lee Hooker – guitar, vocals Lafayette Leakepiano, organ Eddie Burns – guitar Other unidentified musicians – bass, tambourine Fred Belowdrums

Typhoon Faxai (2019)

Typhoon Faxai known as the Reiwa 1 Bōsō Peninsula Typhoon, was the first typhoon to strike the Kantō region since Mindulle in 2016, the strongest typhoon to hit the region since Ma-on in 2004, as well as the worst to hit the region since Talas in 2011 until the region was hit by more destructive typhoon Hagibis in less than a month later. Forming as the fifteenth named storm of the 2019 Pacific typhoon season, the origins of Faxai was first noted as a weak tropical depression to the east of the International Dateline on August 29; the depression entered the West Pacific basin on August 30. After moving in a general westward direction, the system strengthened into a named tropical storm by September 5. Faxai strengthened into the sixth typhoon of the season the next day. Two days Faxai reached its peak strength as a Category 4 typhoon just before making landfall in mainland Japan. Turning northeastward, Faxai weakened and became extratropical on September 10. Three people were killed and 147 others were injured.

More than 390,000 people were urged to be evacuated. Faxai left 934,000 households without power. Trains service in JR East were cancelled due to the storm. Two people died from heatstroke because of the power outage. Total damages from the typhoon in Japan are estimated at US$8.12 billion. At 18:00 UTC on August 29, a tropical depression formed just east of the International Date Line, it moved west across the Pacific Ocean the next day. It was designated 14W by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center after they initiated advisories. By September 2, the JTWC upgraded 14W to a tropical storm, maintained its intensity for a couple of days. Three days the Japan Meteorological Agency upgraded the system to a tropical storm, named it Faxai. Faxai intensified, reaching typhoon status on September 6. Typhoon Faxai intensified into a Category 4 storm on September 8 and reaching its peak intensity. Faxai weakened before making landfall in Chichijima Island near Chiba City shortly before 5:00 a.m. JST September 9.

Japan Railway system was suspended with the bullet trains stopped between Odawara. People began leaving by plane. On Sunday all trains and flights were suspended with major winds and heavy rain expected to hit Tokyo. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency the storm would reach 134 mph winds when it made landfall, it was said. Many homes and businesses were secured by people across the country. Power was cut to people before the storm hit on Sunday. 13,300 customers at the Narita International Airport were trapped in the airport overnight. Both railways towards the city center were shut down. Passengers were forced to stay inside the airport; the airport handed out 18,000 sets of water and other utensils to customers at the airport. Highways were closed across Japan because of Faxai. U. S. bases had recovery teams ready for action. Airbases all set closures the latest one being a base at the shorline of Tokyo Bay at 11:15 am on September 9. In Tokyo, beach homes had their doors blown out by the storm.

Two transmission towers were destroyed which left 100,000 businesses without signal. A blackout across Japan left a Sony Corp, factory to shut down; the blackout stretched across the city of Tokyo with the Tokyo Electric Power Company saying that 730,000 households were without power. Winds caused damage across the area of Honshu damaging homes, knocking out power and uprooting trees, it was recorded that between 3 and 8 inches of rain fell in southeastern Honshu causing minor flooding in the area. It was said that a landslide could be triggered by Faxai. Faxai was linked to three deaths and a dozen injuries in Japan alone, with more than 850,000 customers without power. Fires were reported at a solar power plant after Faxai and across the Chiba Prefecture farmlands being flooded due to heavy rain across Japan. People were toppled by large wind gusts during the storm with the eyewall passing over Japan damaging many areas. A woman was killed. Transportation systems were closed. Faxai was recorded as one of the most powerful typhoons to impact Tokyo, with 134 mph winds being recorded in Tokyo.

The Tokyo Bay grew by a few inches because of the heavy rainfall total. Metal signs were torn off of buildings, trucks were knocked down or overturned, a gas station was destroyed and a glass case was destroyed leaving broken glass scattered through streets. Television footage showed a huge roof collapsing at a petrol station in Tateyama. Typhoon Mindulle Typhoon Ma-on Typhoon Oscar Typhoon Ida Typhoon Hagibis Tropical Cyclone Information of Typhoon Faxai from the Japan Meteorological Agency Joint Typhoon Warning Center JMA General Information of Typhoon Faxai from Digital Typhoon 15W. FAXAI from the U. S. Naval Research Laboratory

Lancaster City Council elections

Lancaster City Council in Lancashire, England is elected every four years. Since the last boundary changes in 2003, 60 councillors have been elected from 28 wards. Lancaster is a non-metropolitan district forming a lower-tier of local government under Lancashire County Council. Since the first election to the council in 1973 political control of the council has been held by the following parties: 1973 Lancaster City Council election 1976 Lancaster City Council election 1979 Lancaster City Council election 1983 Lancaster City Council election 1987 Lancaster City Council election 1991 Lancaster City Council election 1995 Lancaster City Council election 1999 Lancaster City Council election 2003 Lancaster City Council election 2007 Lancaster City Council election 2011 Lancaster City Council election 2015 Lancaster City Council election Lancaster City Council election, 2019 Green Cllr Andrew Kay defected to the Labour Party in July 2017. Labour Cllr Karen Leytham resigned in July 2017. A by-election was held: Independent Cllr Paul Woodruff resigned in July 2017.

A by-election was held: Labour Cllr Roger Sherlock died in November 2017. A by-election was held: University and Scotforth Rural ward Labour councillors Sam Armstrong and Lucy Atkinson retired in March 2018. A double by-election was held. By-election results Lancaster City Council

Mum & Dad

Mum & Dad is a 2008 British horror film by director Steven Sheil. Its premiere was on 22 August 2008 during the London FrightFest Film Festival. One day it was shown during the Fantasy Filmfest in Germany; the film is the directorial debut of Steven Sheil. The film begins at Heathrow Airport, where a Polish immigrant named Lena Malley is working a shift as a cleaner. While there, her colleague Birdie helps her to clean the toilets; the two begin to talk and Lena reveals that she lives alone and doesn't keep in touch with her family. Birdie introduces Lena to her adopted brother Elbie, who works at the airport and is a mute. Lena tells Birdie. While talking, Lena notices scars on Birdie's arm. At the end of the shift Lena misses her bus so Birdie tells her that her dad will drive Lena home if they walk to Birdie's house. Upon arriving at the house Lena is injected with a syringe, she wakes up tied to a chair to the sound of screaming coming from another room. Moments Mum and Dad enter the room and introduce themselves.

Mum tells Lena. Lena is unable to respond because of the injection she received earlier and Mum proceeds to inject her with a sedative; when she wakes up again Mum begins carving marks into her back. Lena is unable to speak, Mum tells her to not try to talk, she gives Lena another injection, Lena falls asleep. She wakes up tied to a frame. Mum tells her that she wanted another girl to live there. Mum pierces Lena's skin with some metal and carves some marks into her back. Following this incident Lena is taken to see Dad who tells her that in his house she will follow his rules At breakfast, the family are watching pornography. Lena makes an escape attempt but Dad grabs her and Elbie drags her back to the table. Birdie takes Lena through her chores. Back in her room, Lena hears Dad watching her through the keyhole. Over the following days Lena is humiliated and tortured by Mum and Dad for no particular reason while Birdie and Elbie attempt to get her in more trouble. Lena finds and hides a mobile phone but is caught and put on heavier sedation as a consequence.

A few days Lena catches the attention of a man outside but is seen by Dad who drags her into his torture room, puts her in a suitcase and orders Elbie to hit it with a hammer. Meanwhile, the man enters the house but Mum is waiting and suffocates him with bubble wrap; the family dismember the man and make Lena kiss his severed head. They proceed to cook the man's appendages as sausages and eat them; as further punishment Lena spends. The following night Lena manages to break free from the restraints of her bedroom while the family is sleeping, she makes her way to the torture room and finds a staircase up to an attic, where she finds a mentally ill girl in a bed. The girl begins to struggle but Lena consoles her. In another room she finds a man, being restrained, he too begins to struggle getting her caught but calms him down and finds a weapon; the next morning, Birdie tells her it's Christmas. She goes downstairs to find the man crucified on the wall, the mentally ill girl in a chair. Dad tells Lena that he knows she saw the girl.

He explains that the girl is his daughter and that she was a "spastic" because the umbilical cord got wrapped around her neck during birth and he had to bite it off with his teeth, implying that the birth didn't occur under medical supervision. The family proceeds to open a series of inappropriate Christmas presents. However, Mum neglected to buy a present for Dad so she tells him that he can "have Lena for Christmas". Dad arrives in Lena's room wearing a dress and makeup and telling Lena that he is "Mum" before attempting to sexually assault her. Previous to this and unbeknown to Dad, Elbie had taken pity on Lena and left Lena's handcuffs loose allowing Lena to stab Dad with the weapon she had stolen, she flees downstairs, causing Mum and Birdie to help him. Lena stabs Mum and the boy attacks her; the woman opens the back door, but Birdie attacks her again, so she hits her over the head with an iron she finds on the floor and rushes outside. Lena falls and twists her ankle. Mum and Dad rush out limping and battered, chasing her into a field.

Lena falls and Mum stabs her with a knife she took from the house. But Mum and Dad are too weak to kill her so Lena fights them off, stabs them both back and forth. Meanwhile, Elbie sets "the spastic" free of her restraints, before strangling her, he walks out of the front door. The next and final shot is of Lena screaming in the field. Perry Benson as Dad Dido Miles as Mum Olga Fedori as Lena Ainsley Howard as Birdie Toby Alexander as Elbie Micaiah Dring as Angela Mum & Dad on IMDb

George Carteret, 1st Baron Carteret

George Carteret, 1st Baron Carteret was son of Sir Philip Carteret and the grandson of George Carteret. His mother was daughter of Edward Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich, he was left an orphan at the age of five, was raised by his paternal grandparents. He married Lady Grace Granville, by her was the father of John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville, he was ennobled as Baron Carteret of Hawnes in 1681 in recognition of his grandfather's long career of loyalty to the English Crown, both during the English Civil War and after the Restoration of Charles II. He died in 1695, aged only 26. Person Sheet