Bernat Martorell

Bernat Martorell was the leading painter of Barcelona, in modern-day Spain. He is considered to be the most important artist of the International Gothic style in Catalonia. Martorell painted retable panels and manuscript illuminations, carved sculptures and provided designs for embroideries. Little is known of his life prior to 1427, though by the mid-15th century he was one of the leading artists in Catalonia; the style of Martorell is contrastingly different from the Catalan Gothic painters who preceded him chronologically, including Lluís Borrassà. It shows that Martorell was familiar with contemporary Flemish painting, the documented part of his biography does not explain this influence. On the other hand, stylistic parallels have been drawn between Martorell and contemporary Italian artists, including Pisanello and Gentile da Fabriano, but without any documentary evidence. Sometimes the Retable of Saint John the Baptist from Cabrera de Mar is attributed to Martorell. If he indeed painted the retable, this could explain the gap between Martorell and the International Gothic in Catalunya.

There is, however, no documented evidence that Martorell painted the retable, his authorship has been disputed. One of the earliest surviving works of Martorell, Saint George Killing the Dragon, depicting Bernat Martorell's patron saint, was created in the early 1430s and demonstrates the complexity of composition, richness of colors and fine details which could only been executed by a trained artist; these details were not present in Catalan art before Martorell. About the same time, Martorell executed illustrations to the Ferial Psalter and the Book of Hours, painted the Predella of the Passion of Christ. Two altarpieces, Retable of Saint Vincent and Retable of Saint Lucy were painted in the 1430s. In 1437, Bernat Martorell got a commission to create an altarpiece for the church in Púbol; the altarpiece devoted to Saint Peter, is in Museu d'Art de Girona and is the only directly documented piece produced by the artist. The retable was completed in the beginning of the 1440s. Similar style is found in the Retable of Saint John, kept in the parish church of Vinaixa, as well as in the Retable of Saint Michael from La Pobla de Cérvoles.

This style shows more attention to detail than earlier works by Martorell. Between 1445 and 1452, Bernat Martorell produced the Retable of the Transfiguration from the Barcelona Cathedral and the Main Retable of Santa Maria del Mar in the cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar, it is presumed that Martorell provided a model according to which the embroiderer Antonio Sadurní executed the altar frontal of Saint George, between 1450 and 1451, conserved in the Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya's Capella de Sant Jordi. The Beheading of St. John the Baptist and Salome Presenting His Head to Herod The Nativity Altarpiece of the Saints John, at MNAC Barcelona Saint George Killing the Dragon, at the Art Institute of Chicago Media related to Bernat Martorell at Wikimedia Commons

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