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Events from the year 1667 in England.



  • 6–7 March – Exceptionally cold spell.[1]
  • 27 April – The blind, impoverished, 58-year-old John Milton seals a contract for publication of Paradise Lost with London printer Samuel Simmons for an initial payment of £5.[2][3][4] The first edition is published in October[3] and sells out in eighteen months.[5]
  • 10 May – A second Conventicle Act, preventing groups of more than five non-followers of the Church of England from assembling, comes into effect with increased incentives for the authorities to prosecute.
  • 9–14 June – Raid on the Medway: a Dutch fleet under admiral Michiel de Ruyter burns Sheerness, sails up the River Medway, raids Chatham Dockyard and escapes with the royal barge The Royal Charles.[6]
  • 27 June – An attempt by Dutch ships to enter the River Thames above Gravesend is called off.
  • 2 July – A Dutch marine force lands near Woodbridge, Suffolk, and prevents Landguard Fort from being reinforced but a direct assault on the fort is beaten off by the garrison, The Duke of York and Albany's Maritime Regiment of Foot, predecessor of the Royal Marines, and hence the first land action fought by marines.
  • 3 July – A Dutch attack on Osleybay fails.
  • c. 13–17 July – Exceptionally warm spell peaks.[1]
  • 21 July (Old Style – 31 July New Style) – The Second Anglo-Dutch War is ended by the Treaty of Breda.[7][8]






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