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Events from the year 1676 in Denmark.



Griffenfeld at the moment when he is pardoned on the scaffold on 5 June, Contemporary illustration
Danish invasion of Scania on 29 June. Painting by Claus Møinichen
  • March 11 – Peder Griffenfeld is arrested at Copenhagen Castle and brought to Kastellet where he is imprisoned.[1]
  • May 8 – Dutchman Cornelis Tromp becomes Admiral-General in the Royal Danish Navy and knight in the Order of the Elephant.
  • May 25–26 – The Battle of Bornholm results in a minor strategic victory to a Danish-Dutch fleet led by Niels Juel against a Swedish fleet.
  • May 26 – The show trial against Griffenfeld ends with his conviction of all charges against him for simony, bribery, oath-breaking, malversation and lèse-majestéand and treason. He is sentenced to loss of honour, life and estate.[1]
  • June 1 – The naval Battle of Öland results in a decisive Danish-Dutch victory against a Swedish fleet and Danish naval supremacy that was upheld throughout the war.
  • June 6 – Griffenfeld is pardoned on the scaffold, at the very moment when the axe was about to descend, and his sentence is commuted to lifelong imprisonment.
  • June 29 – A Danish fleet transports 14,500 soldiers across the Sound, landing them just south of Helsingborg, and Scania becomes the main battle ground for the remainder of the war.



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