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In literature

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Works published[edit]

  • Abraham Cowley, A Poem on the late Civil War[2]
  • "Ephelia", a pen name, possibly Joan Philips, Female Poems on Several Occasions, published in an expanded edition in 1682 with new material — possibly all the new material — by other poets, including John Wilmot, earl of Rochester[2]
  • Benjamin Keach, Garnets Ghost[2]
  • John Oldham:
    • Garnets Ghost[2]
    • A Satyr Against Vertue, published anonymously (reprinted in Satyres Upon the Jesuits 1681)[2]
  • John Phillips, Jockey's Downfall: A poem on the late total defeat given to the Scottish Covenanters[2]
  • John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester:
    • Artemisa to Cloe. A Letter from a Lady in the Town, to a Lady in the Country; Concerning The Loves of the Town By a Person of Quality, a broadside, London[3]
    • A Letter from Artemiza in the Town, to Chloë in the Country, written anonymously "By a Person of Honour", a broadside, London[3]
    • A Satyr Against Mankind, written anonymously "By a Person of Honour", a broadside, London[3]
    • Upon Nothing. A Poem. By a Person of Honour, a broadside, London[3]
    • A Very Heroical Epistle from My Lord All-Pride to Dol-Common, London[3]


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