1680 in Sweden

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Events from the year 1680 in Sweden



  • - Wedding between the King and Ulrika Eleonora of Denmark.
  • - In the Riksdagen 1680, Charles XI introduces absolute monarchy in Sweden by banning the council from making suggestions unless asked to bey the monarch.
  • - During the Riksdag, the Great Reversion is introduced: The Baronies and Counties of the nobility, the donations from the foreign provinces, and all donations worth more than 600 silver a year is reverted to the crown, which leads to the confiscation of about 80 percent of all the property donated from the crown to the high nobility during the 17th-century.[1]
  • - Wenerid by Skogekär Bergbo.




  1. ^ Per Nyström: Ekonomisk frihet och rätt i svensk historia, in I folkets tjänst, artiklar i urval. Stockholm 1983.

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